Don’t Feed Zoo Animals to Each Other in Cruel Contingency Plan

Target: Verena Kaspari, Director of the Tierpark Neumünster Zoo

Goal: Do not feed the animals in the Tierpark Neumünster Zoo to each other.

The Tierpark Neumünster Zoo in Germany had allegedly released a statement earlier this year stating that they would be prepared to slaughter animals in their zoo in order to save the larger ones. This plan is reported to be a contingency plan if their funds were to run out due to COVID-19 and a decrease in tourist revenue. The Director of the zoo, Verena Kaspari, has been quoted saying that they will ensure their 12-foot tall polar bear, Vitus, is prioritized over the other animals. 

This is an unacceptable idea. The Tierpark Neumünster Zoo is home to about 700 animals, and no information has been released as to which ones would be sacrificed. Keeping wild animals in captivity for no purpose but human entertainment is already a source of moral debate. Many zoos have reported increased rates of depression in animals since the COVID-19 Pandemic began due to animals receiving even less stimulation from the outside world. Sacrificing the animals that make up a zoo sets a dangerous precedent that results in zoos becoming glorified exotic animal farms.

A zoo that is allegedly willing to kill the animals under its care has no place caring for threatened and endangered species. Putting a plan in place like the one the Tierpark Neumünster Zoo has been accused of proposing leads to fewer safe places for endangered species recovery programs. It perpetuates a culture in which animal abuse is tolerated, and concern for the wellbeing of the animals that make up the zoo is put on the back burner. Please sign this petition today demanding that the Tierpark Neumünster Zoo recant its violent proposal and commit to the care of every animal within its walls. 


Dear Director Kaspari,

The Tierpark Neumünster Zoo has been accused of proposing to kill off some of its animals to feed to its larger, predatory animals. This proposal sets an unacceptable moral precedent that perpetuates a culture of animal abuse within zoos. 

Zoos should be a place of shelter for the animals they house. These species should be respected, and their care should be prioritized over making a profit. There are many options other than sacrificing animals to each other. Zoos have been kept afloat through community donations or through selling off the animals whose care they can no longer afford. Please don’t let the Tierpark Neumünster Zoo turn into a slaughterhouse. Take back the alleged plan to sacrifice the animals to each other and publicly commit to caring for every animal under your care.


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Photo Credit: Alan Wilson

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  1. Gloria Navan says:

    The zoo has a moral obligation to care for these animals. This is unacceptable.

  2. Why have a zoo? Its pretty obvious your zoo doesn’t give a F**k about the animals! Greedy Pricks!

  3. Come on people

  4. Well…this is a disgusting idea.

  5. Verena Kaspari, Director of the Tierpark Neumünster Zoo, must be placed immediately in a Psychiatric mental health facility for a life long basis.This mentally deranged cretin has an appalling reputation re his abuse of animals.

  6. Carolyn Douglas says:

    If this zoo can’t afford to feed the animals then the animals should be sent to other zoos that care and will feed them well and let them live the lives they were meant to live. IMO

  7. German people have ALWAYS been monsters. Demons they are.

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