Justice for Homeless Man Reportedly Brutally Beaten and Pepper-Sprayed by Police

Target: Cyrus Vance, Manhattan District Attorney

Goal: Bring assault charges against officers accused of savagely and needlessly attacking innocent transit rider.

Joseph T., a homeless New York man, was traveling to Brooklyn in May on an almost-empty New York Subway train when NYPD officers apparently boarded and approached him, demanding that he disembark. Video footage appears to show Officer Adonis Long grabbing Joseph and attempting to pull him off the train, accusing him of taking up more than one seat. When Joseph resisted, the officer reportedly began punching him and kicked both the man and his bags out. Multiple officers then followed Joseph onto the platform, apparently pepper-spraying him as his face bled and he pleaded for mercy.

In July, Manhattan attorney general Cyrus Vance revealed plans to charge Joseph with assault for allegedly kicking Long’s hand as he was being beaten. Vance backed down on the assault charges after bodycam footage seemingly revealed the true story of the event. But the accused officers remain on duty, and Joseph T. is still being charged with resisting arrest for a crime he didn’t commit.

Vance must hold these officers accountable for their apparent actions in subjecting Joseph T. to a terrifying attack. Sign the petition below to demand that the accused officers be fired and charged with assault immediately.


Dear District Attorney Vance,

The shocking attack on Joseph T., apparently commited by New York police officers, was nothing less than a brutal assault. Although you have dropped the cruel assault charges against Joseph, he remains charged with resisting arrest, an absurd accusation in light of the recent release of police bodycam footage.

Meanwhile, the accused officers remain on the force and on duty. This is an unacceptable travesty. I demand that you immediately bring charges against these men for their seemingly heinous actions. The video footage appears to show that they are not up to the task of maintaining the public trust, and Joseph T. is paying the price for it.


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  1. Looked at the video and this is an awful act by the police. It could have been avoided if the man had listened to the officer that was trying to attempt to enforce a law that states you can’t lay down on the subway train. Since when is it okay to defy an officer that is just trying to do his job?

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