Commend Woman for Saving Alleged Gay Dog from being Euthanized

Target: Stephanie Fryns

Goal: Commend Stephanie Fryns for adoping the dog that was scheduled to be killed because his owner believed him to be gay.

A male dog was recently brought into the Jackson Rabies Control Animal Shelter in Jackson, Tennessee, because his owner believed him to be gay. The owner witnessed his dog hunched over another male dog and brought him to the shelter because he refused to own a gay dog. Humping behavior is usually a normal sign of dominance in dogs, however, due to the ignorance of the dog’s owner, the dog almost suffered the ultimate price. Thankfully news of the poor dog and his tragic story traveled quickly. Commend Stephanie Fryns for adopting the dog, Elton, before he was scheduled to be killed.

Humping behavior is considered a sign of dominance between male dogs. While this behavior is a sign of dominance, there is also a possibility that the dog was actually exhibiting homosexual behaviors. Over 1,500 species have been shown to exhibit homosexuality, including dogs. However, this is a despicable reason to euthanize the dog. Whether or not the dog was displaying typical behavior or expressing homosexuality, the dog should not have been scheduled to be put to sleep. This Pit Bull/Bulldog mix deserves a loving home; he does not deserve to be tossed away and scheduled to be euthanized due to his former owner’s ignorance.

Thankfully a Facebook campaign to save the dog was created before he was scheduled to be euthanized at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 31. It was through the rapid spread of information concerning the dog and his ignorant former owner online that Stephanie Fryns, an affiliate of the animal rescue group Woof Connections, stated her plans to adopt the dog. Fryns stepped up at a time when Elton needed her most. Upon picking the dog up, Fryns described Elton as friendly, yet timid and scared. This is understandable considering what the innocent dog had been put through. Every animal deserves to have a loving and caring home. Elton did not deserve to be thrown out of his former home for possibly displaying homosexual behaviors, and he certainly did not deserve to be killed. Thankfully, there are people like Stephanie Fryns who will take in and love animals when they need it most. Sign this petition and thank Stephanie Fryns for adopting Elton and saving him from an unjustifiable fate.


Dear Stephanie Fryns,

Thank you for adopting Elton, the dog that was brought in because his owner believed him to be gay. Humping behavior in dogs is usually a sign of dominance. However, whether or not this was typical behavior or an expression of homosexuality, the dog did not deserve to be put to sleep. It is the duty of all pet owners to provide care and love to their animals; this innocent dog deserves to be in a loving home.

Elton was not left at the animal shelter for exhibiting bad behavior such as aggression or unruliness; his reason for being abandoned reflects the ignorance of his owner. Elton is very lucky that you took him into your home to provide love and care when he needed it most. Thank you for not letting Elton suffer.


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Photo Credit: Amneziak Via Flickr

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  1. the lady who has safed the dog,or will safe the dog,is a hero in my eyes.
    the men who was the owner,of the dog,and thought his dog was gay,must go to school again.
    and get some lessons about aniamls behaviours,some dogs plays with other dogs,and than it seems they they like to want to mate.
    but they only want to play.
    sir,you are not worthty for any animal,you must in jail.
    no…you didnt do any mistread thing,just put your
    poor animal send to dead,what kind of monster you are.

  2. Just FYI, the people who turned the dog in for “being gay” are now looking for another dog to adopt. They want a pit puppy they can train to be aggressive so it can “protect them”. So pass the word around. DON’T LET THESE ASSWIPES NEAR ANOTHER DOG!

  3. This article should remove any doubts about the increasing stupidity and arrogance of the human species. It’s gratifying to know there are some exceptions, such as this wonderful woman who adopted this dog.

    • Madelon Michel says:

      There are indeed animals that show gay behaviour; you find them in every species. Also in the human species and it is completely normal. And also you find stupid animals and stupid humans. I prefer the stupid animals because they are not cruel and stupid humans are….. And most of all I love my big Saint Bernard who is silly and lovable and clumsy, but also intelligent and completely dependant on us, his owners. As is every dog. You are a great person to give this dog a forever home!

    • Well said!!

  4. is that realy true,or are you joking.
    people like those,men/women,may never have never aminmals again.
    and as i just said before,the men did nothing(wrong)
    he didnt (beat and kicked)the dog,perhaps,he just sent
    him to dead.
    luckly there was that lady who stand for that socalled (gay)dog.
    sometimes i am ashamed to be a humane being.

  5. Gillian Miller Gillian Miller says:

    My bitch also “humps”, it is a sign that she wants to play. People should have to be licenced to own a dog and they need to prove that they have a brain cell first!

  6. where was the former owner,of elton,so affaid for,that
    the dog,could grab him,or mate,him,or hump him.
    i am so glad,that this lucky animal is still alive,can
    the MAN must be ashamed of himself.
    and what,if HE,the MAN,would be GAY,……heeee.
    let you yourself eutheunize.
    think not….
    i never heared that anyone did brougt his dog,away to
    kill,because of gayness.
    i think,there goes more behind it.
    the dog ate to much,or something likethat.
    in anyway,he had enouhg of the dog,to let him kill.

  7. Misha Lauridsen says:

    There is one born every minute… What hateful people. And now they want another dog? It should be forbidden !

  8. What a complete moron. How much you want to bet he went and got another dog. What a surprise he will have when the next dog does the same thing! This is PROOF that some people shouldnt be allowed to own a stuffed animal. Not only is he a homophobe, hes living in a sheltered ignorant world. He thought his dog was gay? OMG! (EVen if he was, SO WHAT?) THANK YOU for saving this dog. Another angel to make up for the idiots.

  9. Silvia marelli says:

    Pets don’t deserve euthanasia, only if they are mortally ill. Thanks to the girl Who adopt the pitbull

  10. Tierra Chapman says:

    Stephanie Fryns, you are a hero. Threefold blessings to you for saving that precious dog from that blight on human culture who brought him in to be killed. Thank You!

  11. don damzelle says:

    as i said in a previous comment on this petition via care2, a male dog mounting another male is a matter of dominance, nothing else!!! the owner that put his dogs life at risk, is an ingrate, and needs a darned good thumpimg!!!

  12. Jeez, now I’ve heard everything. Gay dog? What an idiot owner. This guy needs a brain tune-up.

    Thank you, Stephanie Fryns, for saving this dog from supidity and hate. Good Karma for you, always.

  13. A Gay pooch? what an IDIOT this guy is! Keep him from adopting ANY animal, and PLEASE don’t let this guy breed!!!

  14. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    This moron is of such low intelligence that he shouldn’t be allowed to own any animal. What happens if he does get a puppy and it does the same thing when his hormones start raging. A complete jerk. The dog had a narrow escape from a lifetime of living with this cretin. I worry that he will be cruel and beat another dog to try and bend it to his will. Start watching ‘The Dog Whisperer’ on tv. It’s possible you might learn something. I won’t hold my breath though. Thank you Stephanie Fryns for your humanity.

  15. Thank you Stephanie for having a heart and showing compassion for an animal. There should be a hundred more people like you in every city on this planet. Un fortunately, there are just too many ignorant people like the person who gave up the dog to begin with.


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