Tell Ted Cruz to Grow Up and Put on a Mask

Target: Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator from Texas

Goal: Put a mask on to protect those around you from Covid-19.

Ted Cruz was recently photographed on American Airlines flight, as well as in the airport, refusing to wear a mask. This is despite the fact that his state of Texas is one of the current hotbeds in the United States for Covid-19.

Every scientist working on the Covid-19 says the same thing: the virus is spread through respiratory droplets, and wearing a mask can prevent you from infecting other people because masks restrict droplets from ejecting very far out of a person’s mouth or nose. Over many years, masks have been shown to be safe, and in this current pandemic, are essential for saving lives. And yet politicians like Ted Cruz either are either too vain, too selfish, or too ignorant to just wear a mask. Sign our petition to demand that Ted Cruz, and other politicians like him, do one of the easiest and most effective things available to stem the tide of sickness and death, and… just wear a mask.


Dear Senator Cruz,

Your refusal to wear a mask, and the refusal of other politicians like you, has set a nasty example to your supporters that is costing people their lives. You must know the science is real: wearing a mask significantly reduces the spread of Covid-19. You also must know that wearing a mask has no negative effects on your health. So why are you setting an example that is killing your fellow human beings?

Whether it is right or not, people look to their political leaders to set an example for them, and your example is a bad one. Put on a mask when you’re in public and save lives. It’s time to stop playing politics and seeking favor with the president, and just put your mask on.


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Photo Credit: Hosseh Enad

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  1. Another idiot trump cheerleader!

  2. Angie Sokolowska says:

    Fine him £1000 every time he refuses to wear a mask. On the third time prosecute him. He could potentially cause someone to lose their life. That should be classed as a crime.

  3. Vanessa Strougo says:

    Fuck Him …He should be removed from his official position

  4. YOU grow up and stay out of other peoples business!!! Wear 2 masks if you are concerned.

    • Shu up cunt! You go wear 2 masks you selfish bitch! I hope you get the disease and die!

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      You are a prime example of a selfish cunt. Too brain dead to realize that masks do help to actually protect others especially since many people can be asymptomatic. I guess that’s a bit too much for an ignorant asshole to comprehend. No wonder your country is in such a mess when it’s littered with worthless human garbage like yourself. Hope you get a deadly version of Covid you stupid cunt.

      • Evelyn Ball,
        You are one dumb piece of shit. Dont concern yourself with what USA citizens do. All of you mask defending sheeple are brain dead fucks. Unbelievable.

  5. Nadine brundage says:

    So why was he allowed to do this on that plane? After landing he should have been fined. No exceptions, I don’t give a shit who he thinks he is. I’d be concerned about others on that plane .

  6. Citizens are not allowed to smoke on an airplane or in an airport because the second-hand smoke is potentially deleterious to the health of others, but this mask-less clown is allowed to splash into his seat as if he’s no threat to anyone. How convoluted is that? He should be expelled to the airport parking lot until such time that he masks up like the rest of us!

  7. This is the exact reason why people can’t stand politicians. They only have a job by the grace of the people, you would think this waste would do everything he could to keep the people who keep him in office safe. PUT THE MASK ON YOU IDIOT!!

  8. Maria Bertrand says:

    Grow up….! Who knows who you are infecting!

  9. stop being a jerk and try setting a good example, for a change…IN MY OPINION

  10. Marlen Ditrich says:

    I do not wear a mask ! My President doesn ‘ t wear a mask ! If you are stupid brainwashed idiots put masks on yourselves but do not tell others what to do ! And send your children and grandchilden to schools in September , maybe it will help them to grow at least a bit smarter than you are ! Lovers of the political mascarade !

    • You are an ignorant stupid person. It’s assholes like you who are spreading this disease. Go fuck yourself and your president.

    • If you knew anything at all you would know that Trump wore a mask a few days ago, you must not watch TV.

    • Marlen Ditrich, what a lovely Nazi name………lol
      you are a dumb cunt and you can have your president you fucking troll ….!! Obviously school did a lot for your inbred little brain you dumb little twat!!!!!

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      The fact that you obviously like trump says it all. You are another brain dead idiot who doesn’t realize that masks protect others especially if asymptomatic. It is hard to believe how ignorant people like you really are. People with your attitude should be locked in a room if you get the virus and just left to die. Worthless cunt.

  11. The politicians are nothing but cry babies who get elected to do nothing or even care for the small people!! But keep getting elected just because of parties! Grow up adults!!

  12. Jose Espino says:

    Well. There are lots of people like him. There seems to be a confusion between doing what needs to be done and the violation of ones constitutional rights and freedom. I am claustrophobic and I wear the mask. The first thing to do when something is trying to kill you is to gather all the information about it that you can, the better you know your enemy, the better chance of survival you have. In this case, the corona virus invasive attack comes mainly from saliva droplets that humans spell when we talk, scream, sneeze, cough, etc. The mask is a shield to protect us from other human droplets and to protect other humans from ours. You can be asymptomatic and not even know it, that means you can be a life threat to others. It would be very disturbing to know you have kill others simply for not wearing a mask. People who do not wear a mask are simply doing it because, either they are to arrogant or too stupid to understand and acknowledge the importance of doing so. It is not a matter of doing something we don’t want to do, as I explained previously in my case of claustrophobia, is doing something that is very, to even extremely uncomfortable. Wearing a mask is like wearing a scuba gear if you go deep sea diving, or getting your shot of insulin if you suffer from type 1 diabetes, just to give a couple of the million other examples. In other words, wearing the mask could be a matter of life and death for you and others around you. If the senator or anyone else still refuses to wears a mask after understanding and acknowledging what I have just described? Then do the world a favor and spend a weekend playing Russian roulette.

  13. I hate wearing a mask but I do it anyway I’m sick of people who won’t do what they’re supposed to. Your selfishness is going to keep this going and Americans under lock-up forever! Just wear the damned mask!!!!

  14. Wearing mask is bullshit!

    • Eric von Borstel says:

      I actually feel sorry for brainwashed people like you. It must take a lot of either energy or cognitive dissonance to square your selfishness with the Christian values you very likely claim to support and promote; it likely causes a lot of stress in your life, whether you realize it or not.

      I will continue to pray that you and others like you evolve.

      • evolution , what’s evolution? we’re dealing with inbred, incestuous cunts who think GOD will save them and they need answer only to HIM. I don’t know what state Bettina lives in, but GOD is working overtime when one sees the spikes in COVID cases in FLA, TX, AZ. and he’s just going to save them all.Good fucking luck!!!!!

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      Maybe you should learn proper English. Masks protect others but being a selfish cunt obviously you can’t comprehend that fact!!! No wonder your shit hole country is in a mess. Guess you must be proud to be number 1 with Covid cases and deaths. Fuck you and your country!

  15. cruz is an idiot. and a mask could only enhance that ugly mug!!

  16. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I strongly believe that any Good Leader should be setting a good example for the people that they represent. It is the responsible thing to do. I find it reckless and dangerous for Senator Cruz to have complete disregard for others around him who may have weakened immune systems or underlying health problems.

  17. I’m continually amazed at the ignorant rants on here from the liberal leftist idiots. Did none of you bother your lazy selves to check this out? DO any of you ignorant leftists drink your coffee through a mask?? Because if a single one of you leftist jerks had spent ten seconds checking instead of just going off the deep end you would find that he was drinking coffee when he didn’t have his mask on and did definitely put the mask on afterwards. What the hell, folks, are you too filled with hate to act rationally? I’m sure glad I don’t have to associate with you ignorant lunatics!

  18. Trump and all his colleagues are all brainless morons and are not showing a good example to the country. 99% who got covid 19 they are fine he said. Its going to disappear. Highest number in the world for covid 19 and the deaths. Listen to Dr Fauci. Wear a dam mask to protect others. Be smart ….So glad i dont live in USA.

  19. Lisa Finnigan says:

    Is it possible that he has asthma or some kind of respiratory problem? Or is he really that self-centered? Oh, and you can disagree respectfully with a woman without calling her a c***.

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