Tell Ted Cruz to Grow Up and Put on a Mask

Target: Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator from Texas

Goal: Put a mask on to protect those around you from Covid-19.

Ted Cruz was recently photographed on American Airlines flight, as well as in the airport, refusing to wear a mask. This is despite the fact that his state of Texas is one of the current hotbeds in the United States for Covid-19.

Every scientist working on the Covid-19 says the same thing: the virus is spread through respiratory droplets, and wearing a mask can prevent you from infecting other people because masks restrict droplets from ejecting very far out of a person’s mouth or nose. Over many years, masks have been shown to be safe, and in this current pandemic, are essential for saving lives. And yet politicians like Ted Cruz either are either too vain, too selfish, or too ignorant to just wear a mask. Sign our petition to demand that Ted Cruz, and other politicians like him, do one of the easiest and most effective things available to stem the tide of sickness and death, and… just wear a mask.


Dear Senator Cruz,

Your refusal to wear a mask, and the refusal of other politicians like you, has set a nasty example to your supporters that is costing people their lives. You must know the science is real: wearing a mask significantly reduces the spread of Covid-19. You also must know that wearing a mask has no negative effects on your health. So why are you setting an example that is killing your fellow human beings?

Whether it is right or not, people look to their political leaders to set an example for them, and your example is a bad one. Put on a mask when you’re in public and save lives. It’s time to stop playing politics and seeking favor with the president, and just put your mask on.


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  1. Jaime Perez says:

    Not setting a very good example is he?

  2. Quit being selfish, and put on a mask. It’s not all about you it’s about the rest of us too.

  3. Joanne Beeman says:

    Cruz, you need to grow up and think about something else other than yourself. By not wearing a mask, you are telling me that my life doesn’t mean a damn thing to you. Well, it matters to me!

  4. Hope the cunt dies of COVID. And gives it to his family, too. Don’t need more like him in this world.

  5. Janet Garraghan says:

    How pathetic! What an imbecile! Certainly needs to grow up and stop being a degenerate!

  6. It’s his business if he doesn’t want to wear a mask. Not everybody is sown with this hype and overreacting of a flu style virus that bardly anyone has.

    • Unfortunately Elizabeth your comments leave a lot to be desired. It is not a simple flu you uneducated idiot It is a very serious virus where one actor through losing his leg with clots from the lung through the virus has now died. It affects the lungs and leaves a scar for life. What shower did you come down in. As they say there is a minority of Americans who are uneducated as yourself. Grow up

  7. It’s his business if he doesn’t want to wear a mask. Not everybody is down with this hype and overreacting of a flu style virus that hardly anyone has. All you panickers are stupid with brainwashed personalities. Think gor yourself, use logic.

  8. Justin Recht says:

    All block-heads should be forced to work in the ICU’s and give health workers a break.
    Clearly the no-sayers are a compassionless lot – blinded by ignorance – hope the bug will bite you all in the ass.

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