Puppy Allegedly Killed by Groomer Deserves Justice

Target: Jaime Esparza, El Paso, Texas District Attorney

Goal: Punish groomer who allegedly murdered small puppy.

A puppy was reportedly murdered at the hands of his groomer. A small Shi-poo puppy named Luca allegedly died shortly after arriving home from the Happy Paws of El Paso grooming facility. Leobardo Nava was arrested shortly afterward and charged with animal cruelty. He needs to face the harshest punishment under the law if he is found guilty to better ensure more animals will not endure reported abuse.

According to police, Luca was aggressively grabbed by the neck, and he was continually handled in an abusive manner as he was being groomed. The owners reportedly noticed that Luca was scared and making noises that indicated he was hurt when they picked him up. The puppy allegedly later died in pain, while profusely bleeding from his mouth.

A local veterinarian examined the dog’s body and told the family that their puppy had died of pulmonary edema (meaning his lungs filled up with fluid). The veterinarian also stated that stress caused the incident. The grooming facility was closed, but Nava is still awaiting trial. Demand that Nava never be allowed to work with animals again and that he receives the severest penalty under law if he is found guilty of this alleged animal abuse.


Dear District Attorney Esparza,

Leobardo Nava was recently arrested for allegedly abusing a helpless Shi-poo puppy named Luca. Nava needs to face the strictest punishment the law will allow if he is found guilty of this  alleged crime in order to make sure other dogs will be safe from such cruelty.

Luca was reportedly handled in a forceful manner the entire time he was at the groomer’s shop and was even said to have been grabbed by his neck and dragged at one point. Luca’s family stated that the puppy was in distress when they picked him up. They also told officers Luca continued to yelp in pain after he got home. It was reported that the puppy died unable to move, with blood pouring out of his mouth.

A veterinarian performed an autopsy of Luca and claimed that he died as a result of his lungs filling up with fluid. Stress was alleged to have been the reason why this happened, and the way the dog was handled while being groomed was thought to be the cause of this stress. We therefore demand that you suggest Nava no longer be allowed to work in any business involving animals and that you further suggest he spend maximum time behind bars and pay all pertinent fines if he is found guilty of such unwarranted animal abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Andrewkauf



  1. The vile bastard who severely abused and killed this poor puppy must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.

    • Give perpetrator the chair for wanton murder. Why are these stores running anyone through their haphazard training programs just for greed with no thought for animal welfare?

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    LEOBARDO NAVA severely mistreated an innocent little puppy while GROOMING him that eventually led to the pup’s death?? 👿


  3. Leobardo needs to be sentenced to either life in prison without parole or be given the death penalty. Fair is fair. Although a relatively quick death is better than getting raped and beaten on a weekly basis. They will know what he is in for and will treat him like the PUNK B*TCH he is.

  4. Gloria Navan says:

    This man is a danger to everyone…this is one reason never to take your
    dog to a groomer and leave him. If you want the dog groomed, wait until you
    can stay and watch the service. Please change and prosecute this guy.

    • With vet offices sometimes they do not allow you back there, but yes a groomer is going the grooming up front. Oh yes, watch them for sure!

  5. Jacqui Skill says:


  6. Jaime Perez says:

    Get this abusive monster out of society! What a disgusting POS freak he is. That poor little baby did not deserve the horrible abuse at the hands of a demented troll.

  7. Feel this little baby`s pain! I cant keep back the tears

  8. Jose Espino says:

    Dear District Attorney Esparza. Get this SOB behind bars for a long, long time, a extra high fine would be good too. You have a murderer that will stand right before you.

  9. Carolyn Douglas says:

    The abuser/killer must be locked in a strong escape-proof tiny cage and thrown in solitary for the rest of his life.

  10. wish someone would torture this putrid monster to death

  11. Justin Recht says:

    He needs to get the same treatment. Hopefully he end up in jail and gets a taste of his Karma!

    His license must be revoked forever! The bastard can never be trusted again – does he have children or a wife?

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