EU: Enforce Ban on Harmful Bee-Killing Pesticides

Target: Janusz Wojciechowski, European Commissioner for Agriculture

Goal: Protect bees and other pollinators from harmful pesticides.

Despite a ban on neonicotinoids, an investigation by Greenpeace revealed that companies had been authorized to use these harmful pesticides 67 times for “emergency situations.” These chemicals pose a major threat to bees and agriculture. They don’t just kill unwanted pests that damage crops, they also contaminate the water and soil and are toxic to bees who are needed for pollination.

The EU law allows the use of neonicotinoids when there is an obvious danger to farming and no other alternative is possible. Companies have used this loophole repeatedly, to the point where it isn’t really an emergency anymore. Justification hasn’t even been required for these companies to be granted permission to use the pesticides.

The large scale use of pesticides has had many negative consequences on bees and other pollinators. Bees are vital for agricultural production and should be protected from toxic insecticides. Sign the petition to call for the EU to enforce its ban on neonicotinoid pesticides to protect bees and agriculture.


Dear Commissioner Wojciechowski,

The law banning neonicotinoid pesticides is important for protecting bees and agriculture. However, the ban has not been effective because companies have frequently been allowed to use these harmful chemicals for “emergency situations.” For this ban to truly protect bees, the loopholes allowing companies to use these pesticides need to be closed.

Neonicotinoid pesticides are intended to kill unwanted pests, but they often kill bees and other pollinators. Agriculture depends on bees, who are responsible for most of the pollination of crops. Bee populations are in decline because of the overuse of chemicals like neonicotinoids. I demand that you stop allowing the emergency use of bee-killing pesticides.


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Photo Credit: Martin Falbisoner


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