Fire White Supremacist Tucker Carlson

Target: Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News

Goal: Fire white supremacist Tucker Carlson and prevent him from appearing on Fox News.

The time has come to get rid of Tucker Carlson once and for all. The far right pundit on Fox News is once again under fire for blatant racist sentiments directed at, among others, U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth.

Tucker Carlson has a long history of repeating racist talking points and it is absurd that it has taken this long to get him off of the air. Carlson is a threat to common decency and his racist and xenophobic vitriol needs to stop. Sign our petition and get Tucker Carlson off the air once and for all.


Dear Ms. Scott,

Tucker Carlson continues to spout racist rhetoric on your network and it is time to fire him and stop him from appearing on Fox News. Fox News claims to not support racism or bigotry, but continues to provide a massive platform for a white supremacist.

His latest attacks on U.S. Senator and decorated veteran Tammy Duckworth are just the latest in a long line of racist vitriol. Fire Tucker Carlson and don’t ever let him appear on Fox News again. You’ve let his hate speech go on long enough.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Tucker Carlson has never been, and is not now, a white supremacist!!! Some people, particularly those on the Left, do not like to hear the TRUTH—about anyone or anything!

    • You mean like his January 2019 expose on ‘Racist Democratic Knitting Circles’? Yep, democratic women get together and knit racist things – that’s not even believable let alone the truth. Your tin hat needs adjusting.

    • Karen Redd says:

      You’re exactly right Linda! Anyone with a brain would agree with you.

    • Deborah S says:

      You are 100% accurate Linda. The originator of this joke seems to have mental issues judging by the plethora of his asinine petitions currently running.

  2. Eric von Borstel says:

    Oh, Linda…

  3. Andrew McFarlane says:

    You’re exactly right, Linda. These people have an absolute loathing for the concept of free speech. The expression of any views that go against their deranged leftist opinions will be attacked with everything they think the’ve got, including doing their best to have people fired from their jobs. I joined this site a long while ago, with a view to helping animals, but I intend to unsubscribe as soon as possible (IF I can find the unsubscribe option, that is, which seems to be carefully hidden!)

    • Arguing with words is hardly on a level with with alt-right/fascists attacks with guns and cars – you seem to struggle with what free speech actually means, despite your own ‘intelligent American’ self-image – fairly typical for a right-winger who can’t see past fear and hate to how the GOP (not simply Trump) are destroying the US for quick profits.

      As you’re also struggling with reading here’s the link, clearly posted near the bottom of the site’s emails, for unsubscribing:

      Of course an intelligent person would simply use the menus at the top of this page to avoid political petitions, so you could still help animals, the environment, etc.

  4. Karen Redd says:

    I LOVE YOU TUCKER!!It’s so fabulous to hear someone speak the truth instead of the gutless ass kissing weak wimpy disgusting SOBs who don’t care if our precious country is destroyed. Run for president, you’d sure get my vote and everyone else’s who gives a shit about this country.

  5. The extreme left, some of whom really like to espouse their crazy opinions on here, has gone to the extremes to get rid of anyone who speaks the truth. This petition should not be on here under any circumstances. The left has gone full bore anti-American.

  6. Jose Espino says:

    You mean there are no black supremacists? What about all the latest demands to rearrange American history? Maybe there are many people out there that are confused about the difference between preference and discrimination. Everyone in this world have the right to chose what people they accept and what people they don’t, as long as there is no aggression or violation of society rights it is perfectly ok. Even animals do it, dog don’t like cat and cat don’t like mouse. Forced changes always lead to hate, anger and violence.

  7. Best Real News and The Real TRUTH on TV.
    America’s Voice is really good too.

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