Rehire Police Detective Fired for Supporting Black Lives Matter

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Target: Joseph Gentile, Vice President of the National Association of Government Employees

Goal: Rehire police detective who was fired for supporting Black Lives Matter.

Florissa Fuentes, a former police detective in Springfield, Massachusetts, was fired after sharing a photo on Instagram in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. The image that Fuentes shared was reposted from another account and showed two people holding protest signs. One sign said, “Who do we call when the murderer wear [sic] the badge.” The other sign implied that citizens should be violent towards police if they are abusive.

After posting the image, Fuentes was contacted by colleagues warning her about possible consequences or repercussions. In response, Fuentes deleted the post on her Instagram story of her own volition and reached out to her coworkers and colleagues through a private Facebook group. She apologized, saying: “I did not share that photo with any malicious intent and I should have thought about how others might perceive it.” Some messages she received in response were a coworker telling her, “You have a lot of haters. You’re going to get in trouble.” Another coworker said, “please stay as far away from me as you can.”

Fuentes met with her supervisors and the issue of the post was discussed. They seemed to come to an understanding. Fuentes reported that her work environment was “hostile,” with some coworkers shunning or avoiding her, but that she thought that the situation was behind her.

She soon heard that the mayor, Domenic Sarno, heard about the situation. Soon after, she received a call from Joseph Gentile, vice president of the National Association of Government Employees. She was told she could resign or be fired. Hours later, she was asked to turn in her badge and gun and she was fired. Fuentes has three children, two of which are Black.

Sign this petition to urge the National Association of Government Employees to defend Fuentes’ first amendment rights and show support for the Black Lives Matter movement by rehiring ex-detective Fuentes.


Dear Vice President Gentile,

Florissa Fuentes showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement on her social media. She realized that there might be contention about this issue as she herself was serving as a police detective. Of her own volition, she took the post down and opened up a private dialogue with her colleagues. You yourself responded to this turn of events with hope that “people will judge her by what she does going forward” and that everyone would “please focus on staying united so we can stay safe!”

Then, Fuentes was fired. In the past, police officers have been fired for violent content or content that is racist. However, Fuentes’ support for Black Lives Matter raises questions and opens dialogue that police do need to examine from the inside. Fuentes showed bravery by standing with this movement despite her position as a police detective. I urge you to rehire her.


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Photo Credit: Jonathan Green

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  1. Isabella Skovira….when a police officer supports BLM thst’s one thing. This officer had a sign that reads Shoot Back!!!!! No way did she show bravery! This is not her first time infraction while on probation in her first year While other officers called her out on this, she saw no harm. She then apologized after the damage was done. Do you think it was heartfelt or just to keep her job? IF YOU WRITE A PETITION….PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! These half truths, out of context statements, may get this published, but you are not giving the total picture!.

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