Stop Criminalizing Animal Rights Activists

Target: Ted Arnott, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Goal: Stop criminalizing activists for investigating and exposing animal abuse.

The Ontario government recently passed an ag-gag law that inhibits whistle-blowing on animal abuse. This law limits investigating animal abuse on industrial farms and restricts the right to protest animal cruelty. Higher fines and stricter rules over trespassing criminalize anyone who attempts to investigate animal abuse in factory farms. Journalists, employees, and animal rights advocates are being prevented from calling out animal cruelty.

In the United States many ag-gag laws have been struck down in the name of free speech. Canada also grants its citizens the right to free speech in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Preventing the investigation of animal abuse and criminalizing journalists goes against the right to free speech. Industrial farms should not be allowed to conceal how they treat animals.

Large scale farming has long exhibited cruelty to animals, but hidden it from the public. Animals in factory farms are often packed together so tightly they cannot move and experience constant stress and fear. The conditions of factory farms are inhumane and animal rights activists have been protesting them for decades.

The new ag-gag law in Ontario makes it even more challenging for advocates to fight against these horrible practices. This legislation makes it illegal to interact with animals as they are transported to slaughter and to investigate farms without the farmer’s consent. The law claims to protect animals from trespassers, but instead it allows animals to continue to be abused and exploited. It shouldn’t be illegal for activists to expose animal abuse. Sign the petition to demand that Ontario protect the free speech of animal rights advocates.


Dear Speaker Arnott,

House Bill 156 limits access to factory farms and raises penalties for trespassing, which criminalizes journalists. This violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which includes the right to free speech. Protecting industrial farms by curtailing the free speech of journalists and activists only harms animals. Canadians have a right to know where their food comes from.

This law does nothing to protect animals, instead it criminalizes those who are trying to help them. Stop allowing industrial farms to conceal inhumane conditions. I demand that you terminate this law to protect the free speech of animal rights activists.


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Photo Credit: Mercy For Animals Canada



  1. Elizabeth Story says:

    Whistleblowers who shine a light into atrocious animal abuse are not the criminals; it is the owners of the factory farms who obviously don’t want their vile mistreatment of animals revealed. They are the ones who should be charged, not protected.

  2. All these factory farms are so cruel and some people are starting to stop eating any meat including myself.
    Every one should know about the cruelty to animals in these farms. This virus has come because of the cruelty to animals.
    It may not stop until many people have to die. If cruelty continues then a new virus will come even if they find a vaccine.

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