Solve Mystery of Mass Elephant Die-Off

Target: Phildah Kereng, Botswana’s Minister of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism

Goal: Support investigation into cause of mass elephant deaths claiming hundreds of victims.

In what is being called a “conservation disaster,” 350-plus elephants in eco-tourism magnet Botswana have died mysteriously. Poaching or poisoning has been deemed unlikely, but no cause can definitively be ruled out. Despite the importance of these animals to the country, Botswana’s government has apparently made no effort to get to the bottom of this troubling mass death.

The puzzling die-off began in May, when people started discovering the carcasses of elephants, most often around water holes. By the end of that month, over 150 animals had died. Some of the elephants appeared distressed, walking in circles before ultimately succumbing to the unidentified malady hours or days later. Stranger still, other unfortunate victims have literally dropped dead where they stood. Whether the reason is malicious human intent or a new breed of illness, these majestic animals must receive aid and protection before hundreds more lose their lives.

Sign the petition below to demand Botswana’s leaders investigate this deadly mystery and safeguard natural and national treasures.


Dear Minister Kereng,

The death toll for some of Botswana’s most beloved inhabitants stands at 350 and rapidly rising. A mystery malady is decimating your country’s elephant population. Alarmed citizens have accurately called this ongoing crisis a “conservation disaster.” What is the government doing to protect these defenseless animals?

From reports, the answer to this question appears to be “little to nothing.” At the very least, why have samples from the dead not been collected and sent to labs where a cause of death can be established? Without immediate intervention, you may soon lose an essential boon to the economy.  Prioritize the search for answers in this deeply disturbing trend.

Then, implement a committed plan to save these irreplaceable natural wonders.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Kaehler

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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    There needs to be answers for this and protections for these animals.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    BOTSWANA: Protect your precious elephants and investigate these HORRIFIC deaths immediately!!!

    The world is watching in horror and we will not look away. We will BOYCOTT your country unless things change, and soon.

  3. New cell-towers and new powerlines could be to blame. Investigate the wireless radiation in the area. Elephants are sensitive to frequencies that humans can not hear or see. The walking in circles and dehydration could be ‘microwave sickness’, or a side-effect of the new mmWave technologies. 5G. PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS ISSUE.

  4. Jose Espino says:

    Botswana’s government is so corrupt that an investigation will be a compromise to themselves.

  5. Justin Recht says:

    How can anyone believe what Botswana government proclaims! All they want is Chinese money – the rest of their significant is unimportant.
    The only way to find out what happens if foreign biologists and experts come in.
    Poor creatures.

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