Offer Online Classes to Protect Vulnerable Students From Coronavirus

Target: Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education 

Goal: Give vulnerable students the option to take classes online during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing in the United States, yet many schools are planning to reopen their classrooms this coming fall. Experts around the country agree that the effects of the pandemic will be significantly heightened during flu season and the colder months. Forcing students to put their health and the health of their parents at risk to get an education is reckless and unnecessary.

Many children around the United States live in homes with immunocompromised people or are immunocompromised themselves. Reopening schools puts these families at significant risk and limits the ability of many children to learn safely.

Equal access to childhood education is a fundamental and crucial part of the American Education System. The lessons taught to children in Elementary and Middle School are the foundation for the way they will perceive the world around them. If these students cannot safely access that information, it forces parents to choose between the development of their child and the safety of their family.

Many families face this struggle every year. Immunocompromised children are at risk of common diseases, even a cold could send them to the hospital. It is unimaginable to then think of exposing them to something as dangerous as COVID-19. Please consider signing this petition to ensure that every child in America can safely receive the education they need.


Dear Secretary DeVos, 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it incredibly dangerous for many children to be in school. Thousands of families have immunocompromised members who would be at significant risk if schools were to reopen. For an immunocompromised person, even the common cold could lead to pneumonia and a hospital visit.

Childhood education is a foundational aspect of the way that children learn to perceive the world around them. It is, therefore, crucial that every child in America has access to safe and affordable education. 

Granting the option to continue schooling online through the remainder of the pandemic would ensure that at-risk families could continue to educate their children without fear of infection, hospitalization, and death. Please consider using your influence to keep the children of America safe. Give them the option of online school until it is safe for everyone to resume risk-free interaction.


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