Stop Killing Safety Measures and Healthcare During COVID-19

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Embrace COVID-19 safety guidelines and ensure Americans’ insurance coverage stays in place.

The highest levels of government are ignoring health risks new and old at the peril of the American people. President Trump has endangered thousands of his own supporters by holding arguably the largest organized public gathering since the coronavirus pandemic began, with little to no safety precautions. He followed up this dangerous act by once again attacking the long-term healthcare of over 20 million Americans.

The president’s recent Tulsa rally drew about 6,000 people at a time when the region was experiencing a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases. The incoming crowd squeezed together with practically no space between them. Few wore masks. This incident is part of a troubling pattern in President Trump’s pandemic response, as he claims the virus is “dying out” and that it will “disappear soon” even as cases and hospitalizations continue their steady increase across the country.

Unfortunately, although Americans now need stable healthcare more than ever, the Trump administration appears determined to deal a seismic blow to the nation’s insured. Without a plan of their own in place, the administration has once again appealed to the Supreme Court to gut the Affordable Care Act. If this law collapses, tens of millions of Americans will lose their insurance coverage, with no safety net. Individuals afflicted with chronic preexisting conditions, whom the Affordable Care Act protects, will suffer the most.

Sign this petition to demand the president stop playing politics with people’s lives.


Dear President Trump,

You claim you have no problem with masks or other coronavirus safety measures. Why, then, did your team strip the recent Tulsa rally of nearly all safety precautions, including literally stripping away social distancing stickers from the stands? Why do you continue to tweet about protecting the good names of American traitors while scarcely mentioning protecting American lives from this worldwide pandemic?

Most perplexing of all, why are you moving again to kick 20 million Americans off their health insurance? This strategy, if it is political, did not work so well for you two years ago. The American people do not need egotistical boasts, willful ignorance, or partisan political bash-fests during this time. They need an empathetic leader who recognizes their pain and who will fight for—not against—their health and well-being.

Please be that leader before it is far too late for too many.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jabin Botsford


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