Stop the U.S. Navy from Damaging Molokini’s Wildlife

Target: Commander Robert B. Chadwick, Navy Region Hawaii

Goal: Do not detonate bombs off the coast of Molokini.

Unexploded bombs left over from World War II lay off Molokini, a tiny island in the Hawaiian archipelago that is a haven for marine wildlife. The U.S. Navy is considering detonating these bombs in an act that could destroy the area’s fragile wildlife. The coral reef off the island has taken decades to recover after it was used by the U.S. Navy for practice bombing during World War II. The reef would suffer renewed damage if unexploded bombs are detonated.

Scientists say it would take decades or longer for the reef to recover from another bombing. The coral reef is the basis for a diverse and complex ecosystem. Many fish and other marine animals and plants depend on the reef for shelter and food. The reef is their home. Detonating bombs off Molokini won’t just damage the reef and kill a few fish; it could result in the temporary collapse of an ecosystem of interdependent species. Many locals also depend on fishing in the reef and the beautiful marine wildlife is an important part of Hawaiian culture.

The marine life of Molokini is vital and should not be damaged further by military operations. Sign the petition to push the U.S. Navy to find an alternate solution for the undetonated bombs off Molokini.


Dear Commander Chadwick,

The reef of Molokini holds an invaluable amount of marine life that should be protected. Detonating unexploded bombs off Molokini would result in major environmental consequences that would take decades to recover from. Fish, plants, and the local community depend on the biodiversity of this reef. Molokini wildlife has already had to recover from bombings during World War II. Detonating bombs again would undo the process of recovery that the marine life of the area has undergone.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has offered alternative solutions to detonating the bombs, and I urge you to collaborate with them. I demand that you not detonate the unexploded bombs off Molokini.


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