Protect Pennsylvania’s Hundreds of Bee Species from Extinction

Target: Patrick McDonnell, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Goal: Protect over 400 Pennsylvania bee species, including nearly 50 newly discovered species, from extinction.

There are over 400 bee species in the state of Pennsylvania, including nearly 50 new species of bee discovered in the state. However, many of these new species are already feared endangered due to invasive species, disease, and global warming.

Honey bees and bumble bees make up the largest bee populations in the state. Mason bees, sweat bees, and leafcutter bees are also represented. However, some species, like the Melittidae, are very rare and small in both size and number. Over 50 species have not even been detected in the state since the year 2000.

Sign the petition to demand that the state’s government step in to help protect and conserve the bee species facing extinction. Though they may be small, bees play a vital role in the state’s agriculture and environmental industries.


Dear Secretary McDonnell,

There are hundreds of bee species in the state of Pennsylvania. However, many of these species are of conservation concern. At least 50 of them have not been seen in nearly 20 years. If we were to lose the state’s bee species, our agriculture and our wider environment as a whole will greatly suffer.

I ask that you take steps to protect and conserve the state’s bees, protecting them from extinction. Should the bees disappear, so could our agriculture, our food supply, and the way of life as we know it.


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Photo Credit: John Severns


  1. Jose Espino says:

    I just cant accept a petition is needed to get the attention of those who are supposed to be intelligent and educated.

  2. Justin Recht says:

    This is an old subject – and still the same old song:
    Nothing is done!
    What type of people are in these positions? Semms they just got in through nepotism, collect fine wages, speak loudly about nothing in meetings and after a few years get out with a hefty pension stuck on their butts.

    I wish someone would prove me wrong!

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