Ban Toxic Burning and Burying of Animals During Covid-19 Pandemic

Target: Sonny Perdue, United States Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Ban the burning and burying of animals that could exacerbate air pollution and contaminate waterways during Covid-19.

Farmers have turned to burning their overabundance of livestock on open air pyres and/or burying the animals in unlined graves. These culling methods are being used due to the lack of demand for meat caused by the coronavirus crisis. Non-governmental agencies (NGO’s) are urging these practices to be banned, claiming that they pose a significant public health risk.

The National Resources Defense Council, along with other NGO’s, filed a petition calling for a ban on the two methods of livestock disposal. The groups claimed that open air incineration of animals can emit air pollutants that contain “carcinogenic compounds associated with reproductive, developmental, and immune system problems.” In addition, the NGO’s warned that burying animals in unlined pits could release bacteria or fecal matter into waterways, which could also exacerbate public health risk.

More air pollution and contamination of waterways is the last thing the United States needs while struggling with a global pandemic. Sign below to demand the United States Department of Agriculture ban the toxic burning and burying of animals during Covid-19.


Dear Secretary Perdue,

Burning animals on an open air pyre can release carcinogenic compounds into the air. In addition, burying animals in unlined pits can contaminate waterways.

More air and water pollution is the last thing the United States needs amid the profound struggle to control the coronavirus and its lethal effects on the American population. I demand that you ban the toxic burning and burying of animals, at least until the coronavirus is resolved.


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Photo Credit: Michael Oestriech


  1. Oh! How cruel! God will punish the people doing this. Stop breeding the cattle. Let them have a life with their babies.
    I can’t believe this cruelty is going to go on. It must be stooped. How do these people think this is OK? It Is horrific!



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