Hold Developers Accountable for Illegal Land Clearing

Target: Sussan Ley, Minister for the Environment, Australia

Goal: Collect fines from land owners who illegally cleared endangered habitats.

Over one million hectares of endangered habitat were illegally cleared in Australia to make room for agriculture, without the consent of the Australian government. Demand that the government collect fines from these land owners to hold them accountable and aid in the funding of conservation resources.

Any developer who may impact threatened or endangered species must seek federal government approval before commencing their work. Nearly 88 percent of land in Queensland and New South Wales was cleared without federal approval.

The federal government must step up its outreach and enforcement efforts, and must hold the land owners accountable for their actions. Demand that the government collect fines for this illegal land clearing and use those funds to help with conservation and outreach efforts to ensure such a mistake does not happen again.


Dear Minister Ley,

Over one million hectares of endangered habitat were illegally cleared by farmers and developers. Any land clearing must first obtain federal government approval, but a lack of outreach and enforcement has allowed nearly 88 percent of land clearing to continue unchecked.

The blame for this error does not lie solely with developers. It also lies with you. I demand that you collect fines from the developers responsible and use these funds to aid in conservation and outreach efforts.


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  1. Elizabeth Story says:

    Such illegal and damaging acts of vandalism cannot be ignored or excused. All offenders must be held to account and made to pay hefty compensation to go towards making up for the huge loss to our environment. Your department is also to blame for turning a blind eye and not enforcing our existing federal regulations; better cooperation with the NSW and Qld governments is required.

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