Demand Justice for Elijah McClain

Target: Dave Young, District Attorney of Aurora, Colorado

Goal: Justice for the killing of Elijah McClain while in police custody.

An innocent, unarmed man was killed while in police custody, and his killers are still free. Elijah McClain was killed in Aurora, Colorado after being put in a carotid hold by police and administered a large dose of Ketamine to calm him, despite the fact that he was already unconscious.

McClain was clearly in distress while restrained by police. He was sobbing and repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe.” He vomited several times, for which he apologized, saying, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to do that, I can’t breathe correctly.” He then went unconscious and died a few days later.

Whether it was the chokehold that killed Elijah or the unnecessary injection of far too much Ketamine, a life was lost that would not have been if the police hadn’t behaved the way they did. Sign our petition and make sure that everyone involved is charged with a serious crime for their mishandling of the situation. Elijah McClain deserves justice.


Dear Mr. Young,

There is no situation where an unarmed, nonviolent person should be put in a chokehold by a law enforcement official. Similarly, a paramedic should never be injecting Ketamine into a person in custody who is already unconscious. Both of these are criminal acts, and Elijah McClain deserves justice for his killing.

Every single time a person dies in police custody when they aren’t an armed and an active threat, the police involved at the very least need to lose their careers, and more often than not should be in prison. Elijah McClain is gone and his life can never be returned, but his family has the chance for real justice if you make sure those responsible are adequately punished.


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Photo Credit: McClain family

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  1. This murder, like the many other murders of innocent black and brown people by the people who are SUPPOSED to protect the community, is sickening. What the hell are police officers doing with ketamine in the first place? That is a dangerous sedative whose use must be confined to trained anesthesiologists. The officers who did this are guilty of murder. Period. This is UNACCEPTABLE. And police departments wonder why people shout “Defund the police”. At minimum stop allowing police forces to spend public funds on weapons of war and dangerous, controlled substances. THIS WAS MURDER AND NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. THOSE RESPONSIBLE MUST BE CRIMINALLY PUNISHED.



  3. You said nothing about what he was doing before they hold or K. You need to explain full story and not cherry pick.

    • It doesn’t matter, the police can’t administer Ketamine and kill people.

      • That wasn’t the point of my comment. It’s that people do not give a full story. Having said that, my blood was boiling when I seen the video. Police can kill, but for the right reasons. In this case they took advantage of their position and this was undoubtedly wrong.

  4. Angela McBride says:

    It is about time the USA reviewed its
    Biased grim legal system.
    It is a shame to the whole world.
    I have traveled all the states in this country and it’s about time I’m that they leaders of this country start listening to the people and to the world

  5. hire more minority & women police, the white police have taken advantage of their positions and need to be shown the error of their ways, they are white not superior.

    • Teddy Wyatt says:

      Omg You can’t get much more racist than your comment. There are 850,000 police officers and many black officers inflict abuse to black kids. I have seen it with my own eyes!

  6. This young man was just walking down the street and was stopped because someone said he looked suspicious. He wasn’t doing anything but walking and he ended up dead! We need justice for Elijah!!

  7. Yolanda Carrizales says:

    I agree with PC they need to hire more people of color and more women. Those white cop’s are wussies and do not deserve to wear a badge.

  8. Laura Simmons says:

    It doesn’t matter what he was doin. Even guilty people should not be murdered by police in custody even if they themselves are murderers, which I doubt he was. People asking what he did clearly have no concept of what the judicial system is supposed to represent for the people. And yeah ketamine is an animal tranquilizer I still believe it is an illegal substance and these cops murdered this kid they should not be injecting ketamine into anybody! Ever! please please stop these heinous murders

  9. Maria Bertrand says:

    To Elijah’s family.. I am so sad and sorry for your loss. He is safe in heaven…

    Elijah deserves justice!! Police RESPONSE NEEDS TO BE REVISED IMMEDIATELY! It sounds like he was NOT a threat AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

  10. Carolyn Douglas says:

    HORRIFYING, DESPICABLE, REPREHENSIBLE..I know law enforcement does not always have an easy job but to kill someone who is doing nothing cannot be tolerated. I also believe it is possible that too many in law enforcement suffer from PTSD and this makes everything worse. Those responsible for the death of Elijah must not be allowed to go free…IN MY OPINION

  11. Gillian Miller says:

    What a lot of hysterical gibberish from the commentators above. There is no information as to what actually happened. Nothing indicates that Elijah was violent but, equally, nothing indicates that he was being peaceful. For what crime was he stopped? Where are the witnesses? The paramedics were called, why? All this petition is is emotional rhetoric with absolutely no information either way. Sadly, as a member of the legal system, I require a lot more than this petition offers other than a young black man died in custody.That, in itself, is wrong but I do need more than this and so should anyone who is considering signing this.

    • Teddy Wyatt says:

      Totally agree. This is very very sad that he did lose his life. I don’t know who’s bringing up these children but you do not resist arrest you just listen to the officer and do as he says. There is no need for a chokehold there is no need for brutality but there is no need to resist either.

  12. I am sadden this young man died, it sounded like he was a good person with a good future ahead of him. But once again Matt Lamour only gives us the information he wants to give. Please google to get the whole story because Lamour forgot to mention Elijah McClain was wearing a ski mask and waving his arms around so someone at 7-11 called the police. He resisted arrest. As his family said he’d be alive today if the police didn’t attack him, but he’d also would be alive today if he didn’t resist arrest. I also read that his lawyer was comparing this to a white person’s arrest James Holmes…he did not resist arrest! Stick to facts please.

  13. USA must change totally its police behavior!! Unacceptable!

  14. Take a look at the picture of the 3 officers reenacting the murder and tell me that isn’t what it was. I wish all 3 could have the life slowly choked out of them too. An eye for an eye. This is why “Black Lives Matter!”

  15. Jose Espino says:

    Well, it is true that petitions only give you the tip of the iceberg on the case and many time is bias to whatever it is they are made for, so let an investigation and a court decide justice. The thing that got me motivated to sign is the use of Ketamine by police? I never knew police had the authority to administer drugs to detained individuals, it is not right. Drugs should only be administer by a doctor or other trained paramedic person. The choke hold? Let that be decided by an investigation as well. If I was a cop I would have to make a decision to protect myself and others, when detaining a violent individual weather to use force in the form of a choke hold or to shoot. I think a choke hold is far better than a shot. One thing is for sure, no one is above the law.

  16. Justin Recht says:

    Justice cannot be unjust!
    People with overpowering egos should never be in such positions.
    With usually more than one officer on duty – there must be alternatives to a chokehold! This young man did not strike me as a heavy bully that could not be restrained.
    Ketamine??? Always thought only a medical person is allowed to administer.
    RIP Elijah

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