Make It Illegal to Eat Cats and Dogs in Switzerland

Target: Swiss Parliament

Goal: Make the consumption of cat and dog meat illegal.

In many countries, including the United States, cats and dogs are animals that play an important role in many families. These animals are our pets and our friends. We care for them, play with them, and treat them as loyal friends. The sheer thought of hurting them may make you sick to your stomach, but this is not at all the case in Switzerland. Some farmers in Switzerland regularly torture, slaughter, and serve up dogs as meals for their families.

Journalists in Switzerland recently did some in-depth research on farmers who regularly consume dog meat. These farmers considered it completely commonplace and saw nothing wrong with eating dogs for dinner. “Meat is meat,” they say. The favorite type of dog meat is the Rottweiler, although they slaughter and cook up all different breeds. So, these poor animals are regularly tortured, either shot or slaughtered, and brought into the kitchen to prepare for dinner. While most people associate the practice of eating dogs and cats with third-world countries and the Middle East, the fact that it is practiced in a country as well-developed as Switzerland is simply appalling.

Switzerland also has a small trade in cat pelts for coats and bedspreads. Cats are treated just as brutally as dogs in this country, and animal rights activists must take action. In 1993, the Swiss parliament rejected changing the laws to protect dogs and cats against human consumption. When man is eating his best friend, it is time for change.

There are several alternative forms of meat that can be consumed, such as beef, chicken, and lamb. These food choices are questionable enough, and there is significant controversy surrounding the treatment and preparation of these animals. Adding our beloved canine and feline friends into the mix is recipe for disaster. Cats and dogs are animals that are easily domesticated and trained to obey the orders of humans. There is no need to contain them, let alone slaughter them.

By signing the petition below, you will help persuade the Swiss Parliament to enact legislation which will protect cats and dogs rather than continue letting them be slaughtered for human consumption.


Dear Swiss Parliament,

The practice of slaughtering and eating dogs and cats is unethical and inhumane. It has become known that several farmers in Switzerland regularly slaughter dogs for consumption, as well as cats for the production of coats and bedspreads.

Not only is this practice cruel, torturous, and inhumane, but it is also unnecessary and selfish on the part of the humans involved. Several alternative forms of meat are readily available for consumption, and these provide the same, if not more, nutritional value as dogs and cats. Therefore, there is no need for people to slaughter dogs for human consumption. Furthermore, this practice is extremely cruel and causes significant pain to innocent dogs.

I am urging you to enact legislation in Switzerland which will protect these innocent animals and prevent further torture and slaughter of harmless dogs. Please make the consumption of cats and dogs illegal in Switzerland and stop this horrific practice.


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  1. Regula Graham says:

    To all those that think it is necessary to insult Switzerland about the dog and cat eating business. True many years ago dogs and cats where eaten by farmers and occasionally still are. The ruling is that you are only permitted to kill and prepare for your own consumption and the animal has to be killed humanly. The big majority of Swiss don’t eat cat nor dog. And to all those vegans out there that don’t eat meat and won’t have anything to do with animal products like leather, wool etc. what are you actually feeding your pet with? Salad?

    • The articles I mentioned in my post on February 5 at 1:04 pm referred to several Swiss animal welfare campaigners who believed about 3% of the population eat dogs and/or cats. In a nation of eight million this would mean 240,000 people. Even if this is greatly exaggerated and the true figure is only one-tenth of that, it would mean 24,000 people, enough to consume a large number of cats and dogs.

      I don’t know the position in other countries but in the UK where I live there are a number of suppliers selling vegetarian dog and cat food from quite a large number of manufacturers – see, for example,

      • Regula Graham says:

        So that means that a vegan actually mistreats their dog or cat? Because last time I looked the dog was actually a carnivore. By the way I have nothing against vegans or anybody else but it gets up my nose a bit when people constantly try to tell you to go meat free. They made their choice let somebody else make theirs.

        • Oh dear, I nearly put this at the end of my post, but cut it at the last minute because I thought it would make it too long.
          “Before anyone jumps in and says dogs need meat because they’re carnivores, I’d point to a study published in Nature on 23rd January that found dogs have evolved genes for digesting starches that aren’t found in the wolves dogs evolved from. This gives strong scientific support to what many people have known all along. It’s described in an article here, which includes a link to the study:

  2. I agree the animals must have good food, plenty of space and room to move about the ground. But in the end we are all food for each other. s Shakespeare put it, ” We fatten the lamb in order to fatten ourselves in order to fatten the worm “. Again walkig through a land full of predadtory animals we can ecome food for one of those animals who may start eating us withiout first deadning our senses…chopping our heads off.

  3. No longer will I think of this country as I did before. There are sick people everywhere. As I get older I understand now that mankind is not kind.

    • Who will dis agree with you? Look at present. Stealing other people’s land and resources with most distractive weapons. Killing of humans in mass is colled collotral damge. When that is over lets find some more Col. Dam. No harm done.

  4. Robert Nichols says:

    human kind is evil and I for one will be glad when we are wiped from existence

    • We kill,our own in worse ways than we kill animals. We blow them into pices by thousands in carpet bombing to begin with. We don’t even have mercy on women and children even if we have our own women and children. With advacement of education we have become preditory towards those who are weaker than us. We are shame on Creation.

  5. I have always admired the Swiss. My admiration has turned to contempt.

  6. I’m a full-blooded soppy emotional American. I have lived in Switzerland for almost 6 years. This cat and dog killing is abhorrent, especially in a country that is so wealthy and can demand 60$ a kilo (2 lbs) for Suisse meat or fish. The Suisse already embrace horse and rabbit…. but domesticated family animals??? Meat is so expensive that many eat sausages and sliced meats only. The national dishes are Cheese and Potatoes. But to advocate Animal welfare on one side and then Allow cat and dog killing… Is hypocritical and simply wrong. I understand that this ritual…. Or practice is most often in the deeper regions, but it makes me afraid to let my animals out. And really. Switzerland, if you as a country are so worried about animal welfare, how the F**k could you ever let this continue?

  7. I will not sign this petition. How dare to the writer of this petition. I am Swiss and there is a very little handful of people still eating dogs and its for their own consumption they are not even allowed to give or sell the dog meat to anyone else, there are strict rules about that. (Google it to set your mind at rest.) I wonder as well where the torture of dogs comes into this.
    As for dogs disappearing to be eaten, I don’t think so the farms have their own. As for Rottweilers I don’t thinks so they are to expensive. If it would be made illegal does anybody really thinks it would stop anything?
    How about dog fighting its illegal, drugs its illegal etc. it hasn’t stopped anybody doing that. Having said all that no I don’t like dogs being eaten either.

  8. michelle borg says:

    i just cannot cannot believe this….. china well its unforgivable but….. Switzerland so supposedly civilized!!!! my god that this is happening in Europe….pls pls let us do everything in our power to publisize this and stop it….

  9. deepak singh rauthan says:

    please stop it all we do is not good especially when it hurting someone life

  10. i did not believe that a modern land as switzerland
    ate cats and dogs
    and it is legal.
    and i will say a word to the parliament of swiss
    dear sirs
    how can you even justifie
    eating cats and dogs
    swiss is is modern country.
    make it illegal please.

  11. janes jones says:

    how can you even justifie
    eating cats and dogs?
    swiss is is modern country.
    make it illegal. very cruel needs to STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  12. comment un pays comme la Suisse peut-il permettre de laisser faire des choses pareilles

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