Rename American City Named After Genocidal Leader

Target: Andrew Ginther, Mayor of Columbus

Goal: Rename the city of Columbus to stop memorializing a genocidal slaver.

The time has come for the city of Columbus, Ohio to change its name. More and more, the public is realizing that memorializing the genocidal slaver Christopher Columbus is not something the country should be doing. Countless lives were destroyed by Columbus’s invasion of the so-called “New World,” and he should not be remembered fondly for it.

Statues of historical figures and the cities named after them should be reserved for those who are worthy of praise. Christopher Columbus did more for human suffering than he ever did for progress, advancement, or freedom. Sign our petition to demand that the Mayor of Columbus pushes to change the city’s name.


Dear Mayor Ginther,

Christopher Columbus was a genocidal slaver who ended the lives of countless indigenous people when he invaded the so-called “New World.” More and more Americans are waking up to the fact that this man is not worthy of respect or praise, and it’s time to change the name of your city.

This starts at the top with you. Make clear to the people of Columbus that your city is better than its namesake ever was, and push the government to make a change. The name Columbus is a black eye on your great city, and now is the time.


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Photo Credit: Sam Howzit

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  1. Victor Malyar says:

    You can’t judge Columbus by today’s standards.

  2. Karen Redd says:


  3. Why do you…Matt Lamour…write up these stupid petitions? You can’t change history. Why does Force Change allow these kind of petitions? Things happen. Good and bad. You don’t rewrite history, you can learn from it. trying to hide history by changing names, destroying statues… is not the way to change for the better. Face your fears, don’t hide from it. Grow up!

  4. You can’t change history, it’s much too late!

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