Demand Justice for Elijah McClain

Target: Mayor Mike Coffman   

Goal: Investigate the officers responsible for the death of Elijah McClain.

On August 24th, 2019 Elijah McClain went to the corner store to pick up some tea for his brother. McClain suffered from anemia and often wore a ski mask to keep himself warm; he was wearing one on his walk home from the convenience store when the Aurora Police stopped him. McClain begged them to leave him alone, he apologized profusely and repeatedly insisted that he was harmless. On August 30th, six days later, McClain was taken off life support. He was twenty-three years old.

The Aurora Police Department received the call that led to McClain’s death at around 10:30 on the night in question. The caller told the police that there was a man in a ski mask acting suspiciously but that there were no weapons involved and there was no indication of any danger. When they stopped McClain he told them he had been dancing to his music and that he didn’t want any trouble. 

The police claim that there was a struggle that led to them employing a carotid hold. This claim is unsubstantiated because all three officers’ body cameras reportedly fell off during the altercation. When the paramedics arrived McClain was given a dose of Ketamine that was allegedly much higher than the recommended dose for a 140-pound person. McClain had a heart attack on the way to the hospital and was later declared brain dead. 

Elijah McClain was a massage therapist. He would often go to the local animal shelter to play his violin for the cats because he worried they were lonely. He is remembered as a quirky, kind-hearted pacifist. As the police killed him, McClain begged for mercy saying, “I was just going home. I’m an introvert. I’m just different… I’m so sorry. I have no gun. I don’t do that stuff. I don’t do any fighting…”

The Officers who murdered him, Nathen Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt, and Randy Roedema, face no charges and are still working as police officers in Aurora, Colorado. This is unacceptable. This is devastating. This should be all people are talking about. Elijah McClain was killed last summer and nothing has been done about it. Sign this petition today demanding that these officers are held accountable for their actions. 


Dear Mayor Coffman,

Elijah McClain was murdered in August 2019 in your town by your police department. He was walking home from the store when police officers stopped him for questioning. The three police officers present–Nathen Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt, and Randy Roedema–all dropped or turned off their body cameras during the incident. The moments that were captured on video are chilling. 

You can hear Elijah McClain begging for them to leave him alone, insisting that he is harmless before he vomits from the pressure they were putting on his neck. 

It has been ten months since this man was brutally tortured and there has been no justice. There are no reports that McClain was or has ever been violent. In fact, many describe him as a pacifist. 

It is deeply troubling that the men who killed McClain are not only walking free, but they are still employed by the community that they terrorized. It is far part-time that these men face an investigation for their actions. Elijah McClain was twenty-three years old. His life was just beginning. His murderers should not be walking free. Please demand justice for Elijah McClain. His life mattered. 


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Photo Credit: Ken Lund

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  1. If what I’m reading is true, it wasn’t the police, but the paramedics who “murdered” him.
    And… why the hell do we ONLY hear about blacks murdered by white police? Why not talk about all the murders and assault on white people?
    And DON’T try saying that doesn’t happen, cause it happens 95% more than you will admit.

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