Justice for Cat Reportedly Shot and Maimed With BB Gun in Drunken Assault

Target: Courtney K. Grimm, County Attorney for Clay County, Florida

Goal: Punish man who allegedly shot cat many times with BB gun.

A Florida man allegedly made a sick party game out of torturing innocent cats. Ryan Patrick Fiore is accused of “intent to inflict intense pain” upon a cat he reportedly targeted with a BB gun. Fiore had apparently shot at several cats for hours on end during a drunken party, but the feline he is charged with torturing endured the most devastating injuries.

The cat tried to hide inside a cardboard box as the alleged assault occurred, to no avail. Veterinary examiners documented that the poor animal’s body was riddled with holes, the worst causing a broken back leg. This injury was so severe that the leg had to be amputated.

Don’t allow Fiore to use his inebriated state as a defense for his reported crime. Sign the petition below to ensure this alleged animal abuser does not escape justice and faces full punishment if found guilty.


Dear Ms. Grimm,

Local citizens recently found a cat entrusted to their care with devastating, apparently deliberately inflicted injuries. The animal in question reportedly suffered several BB shot wounds, lost a leg, and endured trauma that resulted in a $2,700 veterinary bill. The man charged with this vile crime, Ryan Patrick Fiore, apparently just saw this cruelty as a sick way to pass the time during a party.

The torture allegedly inflicted on this cat will last far past the incident. If reports are true, Fiore could have slaughtered several more cats if his aim had not been impaired by the alcohol. This poor animal seemingly had the misfortune of seeking refuge and ultimately becoming trapped in a cardboard box as “target practice.”

Please do not continue the troubling trend taking place in this country of letting accused animal abusers off with a veritable slap on the wrist. Hold this man accountable for his alleged hours-long reign of terror against innocents. Seek the maximum possible penalty in this disturbing case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt



  1. A curse on this waste of skin. May karma inflict severe retribution on it.

  2. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I’m surprised that this Fiore-bullyboy didn’t use a human for target practice – after all, he was drunk. And in such a state of intoxication, he could have shot anyone or any thing.

  3. An eye for an eye! Keep shooting until he is dead!


  5. fiore needs to get the business and be sent to live in a 6 by 2 plot of land. DEATH to fiore.

  6. The people who witnessed it and didn’t stop him should be prosecuted, too.

  7. Someone needs to KILL THAT BITCH

  8. Death penalty! No mercy for animal abusers!

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