Justice for Cat Reportedly Shot and Maimed With BB Gun in Drunken Assault

Target: Courtney K. Grimm, County Attorney for Clay County, Florida

Goal: Punish man who allegedly shot cat many times with BB gun.

A Florida man allegedly made a sick party game out of torturing innocent cats. Ryan Patrick Fiore is accused of “intent to inflict intense pain” upon a cat he reportedly targeted with a BB gun. Fiore had apparently shot at several cats for hours on end during a drunken party, but the feline he is charged with torturing endured the most devastating injuries.

The cat tried to hide inside a cardboard box as the alleged assault occurred, to no avail. Veterinary examiners documented that the poor animal’s body was riddled with holes, the worst causing a broken back leg. This injury was so severe that the leg had to be amputated.

Don’t allow Fiore to use his inebriated state as a defense for his reported crime. Sign the petition below to ensure this alleged animal abuser does not escape justice and faces full punishment if found guilty.


Dear Ms. Grimm,

Local citizens recently found a cat entrusted to their care with devastating, apparently deliberately inflicted injuries. The animal in question reportedly suffered several BB shot wounds, lost a leg, and endured trauma that resulted in a $2,700 veterinary bill. The man charged with this vile crime, Ryan Patrick Fiore, apparently just saw this cruelty as a sick way to pass the time during a party.

The torture allegedly inflicted on this cat will last far past the incident. If reports are true, Fiore could have slaughtered several more cats if his aim had not been impaired by the alcohol. This poor animal seemingly had the misfortune of seeking refuge and ultimately becoming trapped in a cardboard box as “target practice.”

Please do not continue the troubling trend taking place in this country of letting accused animal abusers off with a veritable slap on the wrist. Hold this man accountable for his alleged hours-long reign of terror against innocents. Seek the maximum possible penalty in this disturbing case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt




    • Charleen Murphy says:

      so agree!! the poor beautiful precious defenseless cats!! hope this cretin thing is killed in a very painful way soon!!!

    • Naila M Johnston says:


  2. This horrible monster has absolutely proved to be a coward, ignorant and spineless monster. He has proved what many Americans are today -frustrated, angry with themselves, no love for sentient beings, bloody idiots lusting after the desire to kill. Ever since the man Trump has come to offfice, he has encouraged his sons to hunt and kill which isn’t a problem for them and by doing so indirectly encouraged the common people to follow the Trump family example. Heartless, ruthless and shameless to inflict pain on innocent creatures. What’s becoming of the US? No wonder the country has the highest Covid 19 death rates . Mother Nature’s call to vengeance!

    • Yvonne Wells says:

      Thank you, you sure speak from my heart. Like you said, Mother Nature, is pissed. Karma is a bitch.

      • I fully agree with your comment.
        The Trump lowlife bastard monster should be eradicated from our Planet Earth as well as vile and evil Trump Jr. I cannot understand how these sick American lowlife want Trump as their President. This monster Trump is the most corrupt and evil bastard that has ever been an American President.
        Also the vile and evil lowlife f—— monster Ryan Patrick Fiore must be brought to Justice and put to death before this evil monster bastard kills more precious and helpless sentient beings. Hang the lowlife psychopathic evil monster bastard up by his cock and balls and shoot him with so many bullets until he is riddled with them, then leave this evil bastard die in excruciating agony which the evil bastard deserves. Die you evil freak of nature. Burn in hell for an eternity.
        The lowlife human species (psychopathic depraved) animal torturing murdering monsters, never ceases to disgust and sicken me with the level of depravity these monster bastards can sink too.
        All animal torturers and animal murderers must all be tortured to death by the same unimaginable torture, suffering and an agonising death these psychopathic monster bastard commit against their defenceless and innocent victims.
        My heart aches for the precious and innocent Puddy and all the other innocent and helpless animals this evil bastard has tortured and murdered.

  3. Jill Orton says:

    Idiot people, or just idiots, don’t seem to think animals have nerves and hurt just as much as humans or perhaps they do and couldn’t care less.
    Please give this monster the full maximum penalty for his cruelty and, if possible, stop him from doing it again, by warning him that if he ever does it again, he would go to prison for life. Taking a life of an animal is just as cruel as taking the life of a human being – he should be shot.

  4. Give the drunkard a taste of his own medicine. Put him in a small room and someone shoot him again and again with a pellet gun until he is injured. These nasty people don’t deserve to live after inflicting pain and injury to another living being.

  5. Shoot him with a real gun!

  6. If he can do this to a poor defences animal he would more than likely to hurt a child. Throw the book at him

  7. Jose Espino says:

    I continue to blame the law. We need stiffer laws for animal abuse cases. The reason humans do this to animals is simply because they can get away with it. You don’t walk right through fire because you know it will burn you and you know burning is painful. Even stupidity has limitations.

    • I very much agree, Jose Espino. Animal abuse is a felony but means nothing if not upheld by the judicial system. And since it’s rarely upheld, abuse happens more & more often, getting worse daily. Abusers can’t be ‘fixed’ & don’t deserve to breathe or walk among decent people.

  8. Patricia Wicker says:


  9. Using his drinking problem as an excuse to torture a cat is ridiculous. If you don’t do something now his next victim could be a child. Get well sweet furbaby.. I’m sorry you were hurt at the hands of subhuman slime.

  10. I hope this SOB gets shot and dies a slow and painful death. This wussy does not deserve to live and contaminate our world even more with garbage.

  11. DEBRA DAVIS says:

    The drunkard needs to sober up. Shoot his leg full of bb shots. I hope he remembers what he did to the kitten. Put his ass on animal registry for abuse and neglect of animals. If he did this to an animal hell do it to a child or adult. Jail the sleazebag and charge his ass 99 years in jail.

  12. Really!!! Put this low life son of a bitch in a hole and cover it!! Let’s just take the BB gun and start shooting his worthless ass!!!! Disgusting scum bag!!!

  13. You are a disgusting example of a “human”. You need intense therapy and some jail time. And hopefully someone who is as sick as you will do the same things to you.

  14. Hay gente q quiere destruir la vida e los deberían destruirse Par no dañar más

  15. Ban bb guns, air rifles, etc from stores. Why allow these weapons to be purchased and used by anyone from age 9yrs upwards. That poor cat!!

  16. Drunk or not this fool has cruelty as part of his make-up! How about he be used as target practice…

  17. scrap the human rubbish….

  18. Katrin Hillig says:

    Erschießt dieses verdammte Stück Dreck, elenden Basdart.

  19. Agree all comments shoot that fucker.

  20. Elease M. Bradford says:

    Ryan Fiore is a low-down jerk for the abuse he inflicted on this innocent cat and I hope he is severely punished. I hope this fur baby gets justic.

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