Halt Sales of Endangered Fish Species

Target: The Honourable Sussan Ley, Minister for the Environment of Australia

Goal: Add “conservation dependent” fish species to the official endangered list.

Several species of fish eligible for the endangered list are being sold to shops and restaurants in certain areas of Australia. Fish such as the blue warehou, eastern gemfish, and scalloped hammerhead are simply listed as “conservation dependent” rather than officially endangered; this loophole allows fisheries to catch them for sale and trade them on the market and for export.

Australia has a very poor track record overall when it comes to animal conservation, only recently increasing its efforts to protect endangered species. Worse, according to marine biologist Tooni Mahto, too many people think everything caught in Australia is sustainable when nothing is further from the truth. The conservation dependent status is simply a loophole so that fisheries can continue to exploit and overfish these creatures for the sake of a profit.

We cannot let the Australian market continue to deplete these species. Sign this petition to urge Australia to put the scalloped hammerhead and other conservation dependent fish on the endangered species list immediately.


Dear Minister Ley,

Restaurants, shops, and the seafood trade are exploiting the conservation dependent status of several fish species, overfishing them and selling them despite their rapidly decreasing numbers. The blue warehou and the scalloped hammerhead are just two of many endangered sea life species that have yet to be added to the endangered list, qualifying them for legal protection.

You must close this loophole. Conservation dependent status does so little to protect endangered creatures, especially in Australia, which already has a history of failing to protect its wildlife. Fisheries mistakenly believe these fish are sustainable, depleting their numbers as they continue to catch and sell them. You must see that these conservation dependent species are placed on the endangered list as soon as possible.


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Photo Credit: Kris Mikael Krister

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