Stop Breeding Cats With Painful Genetic Mutation

Target: The International Cat Association

Goal: Stop purposefully breeding painful genetic mutation into Scottish Fold cats. 

Humans love a cute animal. We are biologically programmed to respond to big eyes and small, round heads. Because of this, it’s no wonder that Scottish Folds, with their flopped-over ears and big eyes, have gained massive popularity over the years. 

Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst, and Patrick Dempsey have added to the appeal of these cats by featuring their own Scottish Folds in their social media posts. Unfortunately, the genetic characteristics that make these cats so popular, comes at a cost. 

The dominant gene mutation that lends itself to the ear fold which gives these cats their name also affects cartilage throughout the cat’s body. Scottish Folds are plagued with cartilage and bone deformities known as osteochondrodysplasia. This mutation causes fusion of the ankle, tail, and knee joints that leads to crippling pain and difficulty moving in later life. Cats who carry this genetic trait will almost undoubtedly get some level of arthritis as they age. 

Arthritis isn’t the only negative effect of this mutation. Scottish Folds are also prone to cardiomyopathy, which can cause heart failure; as well as polycystic kidney disease. There have also been reports of OCD in many Scottish Fold cats, although this has not been proven to be a genetic trait. 

Given that Scottish Folds are almost guaranteed to have some sort of negative health condition as a result of their breeding, there is ample cause to end the breeding of these cats. There is no reason to continue to breed unhealthy cats who are doomed to a life of pain and health complications. 

Sign this petition demanding that The International Cat Association removes Scottish Folds from their registry. It is wrong to breed an animal knowing you are condemning it to a life of discomfort. It is Vital that we begin taking steps to end the breeding of unhealthy cats. 


Dear International Cat Association,

Scottish Fold cats are plagued with health issues as a result of their breeding. Cats born with folded ears suffer from cartilage disorders that are almost guaranteed to cause crippling arthritis later in life, as well as many other health issues. Many animal rights groups have called for a ban on this cat breed due to the diminished quality of life that they are subjected to. 

With such a vast number of healthy cat breeds available, it is long past time for TICA to end their support of such an unhealthy one. It is morally wrong to continue breeding these cats when we are aware of how crippling this mutation is. TICA needs to remove the Scottish Fold from its registry and urge its followers to stop breeding cats who suffer from this painful mutation. 


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Photo credit: Richard Bloom 

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  1. It’s too bad that we can’t breed human beings with a mutation
    that would produce intelligence and common sense. There’s too
    many that are born stupid and stupid cannot be fixed.
    These cat traits are bred for one purpose only. These breeders do
    this only for the sake of money. They do not in any way care about the animals.
    There should be laws against designer breeding to satisfy these
    human idiots.

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