Release Mexican Labor Lawyer From Imprisonment

Target: Alejandro Gertz Manero, Attorney General, Mexico

Goal: Release labor lawyer imprisoned for fighting on behalf of workers’ rights.

A Mexican labor lawyer who has spent years fighting for equal pay and fair treatment at Mexican factories along the United States border has been arrested by the Mexican police. Demand her release.

Susana Prieto Terrazas has led walkouts across Mexican factories in the fight for equal pay and better working conditions. She has become the target of ire by many factory owners and conservative groups. It is her impact on their bottom line, she says, that led to her arrest. She faces charges of “inciting a riot” and “threatening” factory owners.

Protests by Mexican workers have been held demanding her release. Sign the petition to join them. The only threat Terrazas made was to the pockets of millionaires. She should not have been arrested in her fight for human rights.


Dear Attorney General Manero,

Susana Prieto Terrazas was arrested for “inciting a riot” and “threatening” factory owners. Her only threat, however, was to their bottom line. She has been a crusader for human rights, fair pay, and better working conditions. Her outspoken support for workers’ rights has led to her arrest, not any riot, protest, or act of violence.

Terrazas must be released immediately. Her arrest is in violation of international human rights. You should be joining in her fight, not fighting against her. It should be the welfare of your workforce, not your millionaires, that should be protected.


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  1. Free her now!! Just because you don’t like what she says don’t mean you have any right to lock her up!! Free her now for the people of Mexico!

  2. Torah Wolf Torah Wolf says:

    how cruel and evil you people are just because you do not like what somebody says doesn’t mean you have the right to lock them up and shut them away that’s why this country has freedom of speech and you are the one that are breaking the law maybe our country should go over to your country and force you people to do what you need to be doing to obey the law because our country is really good at that going over and taking over other people’s countries how would you like that and then we can tell you what to do just because we don’t like the way you eat your freaking soup or we don’t like the way you bat your eye… just stick you in jail and just let you rot there how would you like that I would like it

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