Release Human Rights Lawyer from Chinese Prison

Target: Fu Zhenghua, Minister of Justice

Goal: Release Chinese human rights lawyer who has been imprisoned unjustly for two years.

A Chinese human rights lawyer has been unjustly imprisoned for over two years. Demand his release and demand that he be given proper legal representation so he can have the fair and equal trial he deserves.

Yu Wensheng had been detained for two years after writing an open letter condemning the nation’s government and calling for constitutional reforms. He was not given legal defense and his trial was held behind closed doors. There, he was sentenced to four more years in prison. The European Union became the first international group to demand his release and to demand an end to all arbitrary arrests in the nation.

Wensheng is not the first human rights lawyer to be illegally detained and charged without the benefit of legal counsel or a jury of his peers. But he should be the last. Join the EU in demanding his release and an end to arbitrary arrests.


Dear Minister Fu,

Yu Wensheng has sat in prison for two years without the benefit of legal counsel. He was denied a fair and equal trial under the law, and now faces four more years in detention. He should be released immediately. His arrest, detainment, and trial all breach international human rights laws.

The European Union is demanding Wensheng’s release. I am joining them. Wensheng is not the first human rights lawyer jailed in your nation, but he should be the last.


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Photo Credit: Vidit Goyal

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  1. Free the human rights lawyer now!! The Chinese government must stop there ruthless jailing of innocent people!! What is wrong with China!! Free him now!

  2. Torah Wolf Torah Wolf says:

    Honestly, you Chinese people your government you’re so corrupt unbelievably corrupt you lie about everything you mislead people you’re an abomination to God that’s why God is sending you plagues and pestilence and it won’t end there I keep praying everyday for God to take your country down…..if you keep up your lies and deceit are countries may be going to war I would be careful because our country will take your country out we are the super power country and God is with our country and with God with us who can be against US release that prisoner and quit holding people against their will just because they believe in something you don’t…..that’s not right but then again your people are mentally insane and most of you belong in sanitariums.

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