Small Dogs Allegedly Locked Inside Scorching Hot Car Deserve Justice

Target: Prosecuting Attorney of Isabella County, MI, David R. Barberi

Goal: Give woman harshest legal sentence for allegedly leaving her dogs inside a hot car for a long period of time, and take away her animals.

Two small dogs were allegedly locked inside a car that was over 100 degrees, by an unidentified woman. The person responsible for this crime needs to get the maximum sentence under law to better ensure this will not happen to other animals in the future.

Officers stated the inside of the car was between 107 and 108 degrees. The temperature outside was 80 degrees, and it was reported that the car was not parked in a shaded area. According to authorities, the owner had been shopping for over 30 minutes while her dogs were stuck inside the vehicle. She allegedly showed no signs of concern after officers escorted her to the car, and further told them that the inside of the vehicle was not too hot. The woman was brought up on misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

If the allegations are true, these dogs could have easily died if not found by the officers. Sign this petition to demand this woman have her animals taken away, and that she also spend the most time behind bars the law will allow if she is found guilty of these inexcusable charges.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Barberi,

An unidentified woman was charged with animal cruelty after officers claimed she left her two small dogs in a hot car while she was in a store for over 30 minutes. Her dogs need to be placed in a reputable shelter, and she needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law if she is found guilty so that these animals will more likely be safe.

An officer who checked the temperature of the car’s interior said it was between 107 and 108 degrees, and that the vehicle was parked in the sun. According to experts, the inside of a car can quickly reach 115 degrees when the temperature outside is approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the dogs had been left inside the car for much longer, they likely would have died.

The woman was only charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after she told officers that the inside of the car was not too hot. For the sake of these animals, we demand you suggest this woman receive the severest legal sentence and that her dogs also be removed from her home if she is found guilty of such cruelty.


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  1. Lock her in the hot car for a long time so she can experience what her dogs did.
    How totally stupid some people are is astounding.

  2. Lock her in the hot car for a long time so she can experience what her dogs did.

  3. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    I can NEVER UNDERSTAND how stupid & ignorant some people can be when it comes to their pets, babies or toddlers!!! Someone needs to run frequent TV-radio-billboard ads during the hot months to remind these MENTAL MORONS that PETS & SMALL CHILDREN NEED TO BREATHE conditioned air, just like THEY do!!! 👿👿👿


  4. Gloria Navan says:

    Selfish, lazy, entitled person. She should get a much more serious charge.

  5. No excuse for Animal Abuse !

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