Charge Man Accused of Viciously Beating Dog With Felony

Target: Steve Marshall, Attorney General of Alabama

Goal: Charge alleged animal abuser with felony cruelty instead of a misdemeanor.

Several months ago, an innocent dog was discovered horribly beaten via security footage of his Alabama home, the alleged abuser being the boyfriend of the family’s daughter. The Raymer family called the police and Adam Callaghan was arrested, but only on misdemeanor charges as it “could not be proven” that Echo the dog’s condition was related to the attack. However, a veterinary examination strongly suggested otherwise.

Animal abuse is a felony in Alabama. The fact that Callaghan is being charged with mere misdemeanors for something so horrific is completely unacceptable. The video footage appears to show the man striking the poor animal with a broomstick, among other atrocities. Frankly, it is a wonder Echo survived such apparent cruelty; the veterinary records detail wounds that could easily kill a dog instantly, if not over a period of suffering-filled days or even weeks.

Callaghan is due in court in early July, and he must face felony charges. Sign this petition to ensure that he is punished to the full extent of the law, if found guilty.


Dear Attorney General Marshall,

Alleged animal abuser Adam Callaghan was charged with misdemeanor crimes for his reported abuse of an innocent dog. Video footage of the home of his girlfriend’s family seemingly shows him viciously beating their dog, Echo, who somehow managed to survive a multitude of painful injuries inflicted upon him. Alabama law clearly states that animal abuse is a felony, but the police claimed that the dog’s condition had nothing to do with Callaghan’s actions.

This is beyond unacceptable. Callaghan’s alleged beating of this poor dog could have killed him, and he must face justice for what he has done. He is due in court in July, and you must ensure that he is properly punished for his alleged cruel behavior towards an innocent animal.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Justice for Echo


  1. Beat this scum to death,,,, this is where police brutality IS NEEDED… Teach evil scum a lesson…

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    ADAM CALLAGHAN deserves, and must, be punished severely for attacking poor Echo – for God’s sake, Echo wasn’t even HIS DOG!!! BIG RED FLAG: the girlfriend better find herself a new boyfriend, because he just showed her WHO HE REALLY IS, & it is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

    P.S. – NO ONE would treat any animal of mine like that, & get away with it!!!!!!!


  3. Gloria Navan says:

    People will continue to beat and abuse animals with no thought to any punishment … IF we continue to give them a slap on the wrist instead of charging them with a felony.

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