Don’t “Surprise” Patients With Bankruptcy-Inducing Bills

Target: Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Support ban on surprise medical billing that costs patients millions.

A person is rushed to the emergency room of the nearest hospital after a bad accident or sudden illness. The patient luckily survives, but his troubles are far from over. After a tumultuous recovery period, the patient prepares to resume normal life…until a document turns his world upside down again. This patient, who only moments prior was relieved to have the worst of his troubles behind him, has just been hit with a “surprise” bill worth thousands—if not tens of thousands—of dollars. Every year, this hidden danger of healthcare damages countless patients’ lives.

Surprise billing occurs when an otherwise insured patient incurs hefty treatment charges for using a hospital, or sometimes even just a physician, out of the patient’s insurance network. In many cases, particularly emergency situations, the patient does not have the luxury of cherry-picking his or her healthcare provider. Surprise billing became such a destructive problem during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic that laws preventing the deployment of surprise bills against coronavirus patients were enacted.  Now is the time to expand this critical protection and safeguard all patients.

Sign the petition below to encourage the passage of legislation that would stand up for healthcare consumers and decisively ban surprise billing.


Dear Senator McConnell,

In the midst of a pandemic, the continued enabling of a system that favors the insurers over the insured must end. Disputes between insurers and healthcare providers over profitability are increasing, and patients are paying the price. As insurers continue to drop in-network contracts, the options for individuals to attain quality healthcare shrink. Meanwhile, too many of these patients move from a health crisis straight into a financial crisis because of surprise out-of-network billing.

Americans need to know that when their health and their lives are at risk, the hand that reaches out to help them will not crush them instead. The government took action against the surprise billing of COVID-19 patients. Every American deserves the same fair treatment. Please do not push this urgent issue to the side any longer. Evaluate the proposals, from independent arbiters to the complete ban on surprise billing that has gained bipartisan support.

Find a comprehensive, thoughtful fix and help ensure this needed legislation benefits the American people in sickness and in health.


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Photo Credit: Darko Stojanovic

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