Trump: Adequately Address Police Brutality and Racism

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Mandate police reform, at the very least, in order to properly address police brutality and systematic racism.

An executive order was signed by President Trump that encourages, but does not mandate, that police department’s alter their violent and often fatal behavior. The order is a weak and limiting proposal that fails to mention race or discrimination and does not adequately respond to nationwide outrage surrounding police brutality and systematic racism.

Despite growing public support across the country for a law enforcement overhaul, Republicans denounced Democrats’ sweeping proposal to reform violent police forces. The Democratic proposition would make it easier to track and prosecute police misconduct, change standards for using force and institute anti-bias requirements.

The President is dismissing widespread pleas for law enforcement overhaul, calling efforts to defund the police “radical and dangerous.” Sign below to demand President Trump mandate police department reform, at the very least, in order to sufficiently address systematic racism and police brutality.


Dear President Trump,

The executive order that you signed is weak and limiting given the scope and severity of police brutality and systematic racism in the United States. The order fails to mention anything about race or discrimination, which is the central issue invoking nationwide protest.

Your job is to serve the people, yet you are ignoring public pleas for a law enforcement overhaul. Who, really, do you serve? I demand that you mandate, not encourage, police reform at the very least in order to adequately respond to rampant police brutality and systematic racism.


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