Punish ‘Civilian Militia’ Member Accused of Shooting Protester

Gun - N. W. Huertas

Target: Raúl Torrez, District Attorney of Bernalillo County, New Mexico

Goal: Prosecute right-wing “civilian militia” member who allegedly shot protester to the fullest extent of the law.

A fully armed “civilian militia” overtook an anti-racism demonstration in Albuquerque and allegedly shot one of the protesters. Videos from the demonstration show protesters screaming and rushing to help the victim while the alleged shooter appears to hide behind his fellow militants to use his phone.

The protesters were calling for the removal of a monument to Juan de Oñate, a conquistador who massacred hundreds of Acoma people in the 16th century. After the protester was shot, members of the civilian militia appear to have been peacefully and politely detained by police, which has only served to emphasize the unnecessary brutality of the murders of countless Black people at the hands of law enforcement. Sign below to demand that this seemingly dangerous act of violence be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear District Attorney Torrez,

An armed militia allegedly shot a member of the Albuquerque community for exercising the right to peacefully protest. This seemingly violent act not only endangered the physical safety of everyone at the demonstration but continues to endanger the freedom of all Albuquerque citizens. If this sort of apparent vigilantism goes unpunished, its perpetrators will be emboldened and citizens will have to weigh their safety and their lives against their right to protest.

The man who allegedly shot this protester was heard declaring himself as the sheriff’s son, perhaps implying that this would grant him impunity. It is your responsibility to the people of Albuquerque to see that this is not the case. I urge you to prosecute the person responsible for this shooting to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: N. W. Huertas

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  1. If I remember the story correctly the man shot was not a “protester”…he was a freaking thug and violent at that. When are you liberal idiots going to stop making excuses for the looters and rioters? Anyone who signs this petition is just another ignorant liberal.

    • Robert Ortiz says:

      This is a site that is for intelligent progressive people. If you’re not a progressive person, why are you here? Take your hate and ignorance elsewhere.

      • “Intelligent progressive people???” Surely you’re kidding because there’s just not a whole hell of a lot of intelligent liberals in this country. Stop with your attacks and looting and rioting and stop making excuses for that crap and maybe we can get the country straightened out. Now to get to the core of the problem…whoever told you that this was a progressive site? Just because it’s populated by a bunch of liberal ignorant idiots doesn’t make it a progressive site!


    • Robert Ortiz says:

      I believe you have that wrong. It’s mostly conservative white people and their racism which is the problem that people are speaking out against. Yes there have been some bad actors at the protests, but that should not detract from the main message which is racism and police brutality must end. You are right about one thing, you reap what you sow. Therefore woe unto the hateful racists for their day of reckoning is upon them. Good luck with that.

  3. Robert Ortiz says:

    There needs to be justice. “Civilian militia member” is just a fancy way of saying “gun toting, trigger happy, vigilante white supremacist” and we sure don’t need any more of those roaming about. Yes many protests got out of hand due to bad apples, but not every protester is a rioter.

    • Robert, would you show us all where it has been Conservatives who are looting and rioting and burning businesses? Who are the Conservatives who are destroying public property…yes, those statues belong to “we the people” and only these ignorant idiots who don’t even know what the statues stand for are tearing them down. And then the liberal cesspool cities, run by demmie mayors and governors are allowing these thugs to do this. Are you so ignorant or so filled with tds that you don’t even see who is doing all this crap?

  4. Jose Espino says:

    Peaceful protesters, my ass. They are out there destroying property, making life more difficult than already is with the pandemic and trying to change world history. The way it happen is the way it is and no one can change it. It started from a movement to call for justice for the death of Floyd and it has become another pandemic. I’m afraid in the future they will ask to change the name of The White House to The Black House. Is time to stop the bullshit and deal with reality. STOP DESTROYING AMERICAN HISTORY. Which thanks to the way it happened it allows you to raise hell on the streets of America go home driving your brand new Mercedes, Cadillac and seat back on a leather couch while watching the game on a 60″ TV and calling your girlfriend on an Iphone 11. Think about it.

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