Release Black Man Wrongfully Given 55 Year Sentence as Teenager

Target: Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama

Goal: Pardon and release Lakeith Smith, who was not responsible for his accomplice’s death-by-cop.

A Black teenager of only 15 years of age was sentenced to 55 years in prison because one of his accomplices was killed by police. Lakeith Smith of Alabama was involved in a break-in, and one of his accomplices, A’Donte Washington, was killed by police when they returned fire at him.

Despite not having been accused of firing at anyone himself, and despite being only 15 years old at the time of the crime, Smith was found guilty of theft, burglary, and felony murder, getting a 55-year sentence. This is an absurd overreach of justice. Five years in prison is more than enough for a 15 year old who committed a burglary, especially a crime committed as a teenager. Demand that the Governor of Alabama pardon Lakeith Smith and give him a chance to get his life back.


Dear Governor Ivey,

The “accomplice law,” as it is called, is bogus and should not be allowed to stand. Being present for a comparatively minor crime and having one of your accomplices killed should not lead to a murder charge against you. This is especially true in the case of Lakeith Smith, who was only 15 years old when the so-called “justice” system took his life away from him for one mistake.

If you have any compassion whatsoever, you’ll pardon Lakeith Smith for the supposed murder and let the man have a chance to reclaim his life. He did a bad thing, but five years in prison is more than enough for someone who had no hand in harming anyone. This was a miscarriage of justice and you have the power to fix it.


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Photo Credit: Alabama Department of Corrections

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  1. Michael Henderson says:

    As a white man I am disgusted by the flagrant and tragic racial injustice in this country. Our racist President clearly just wants to make America white again. I stand with my black brothers and sisters. Black Lives Matter!
    If the above statements are true and Lakeith is a victim of blatant injustice then it’s the prosecuting attorney (no doubt a white man) who should be serving 55 years.

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