Condemn Police for Shooting Dogs in Front of High School

Target: Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr.

Goal: Apologize for officers who shot dogs in front of high school and condemn their inhumane actions.

In Chester, a suburb of Philadelphia the local police department shot dead two dogs that were fighting in front of a school. A pitbull got into a pickup truck and started fighting with another smaller dog inside the vehicle. Cops were called and one officer shot the dogs five times with his handgun while another unloaded with a shotgun. Both dogs were killed. Sign the petition to demand the Chester police department apologize for its inhumane actions.

The incident left many bystanders shocked. Witnesses called the police when they were unable to separate the dogs. Rather than calling animal control or using tranquilizers, the police resorted to brutal force and killed both dogs. The shooting took place in front of the local high school. Many local dog owners were outraged by police actions, “I thought them as the police should be held to a higher standard and would have some type of procedure for breaking it up than actually pulling out your pistols in front of the high school.” The pit bull had a leash and collar, while the smaller dog didn’t. The owners of the two dogs have not been located yet.

Many bystanders expressed concern that the shooting was made more rash by the fact that both dogs were inside the pickup truck at the time. There was concern that the bullets could ricochet and hit bystanders. Even of the police officer seemed to be shocked by the response of his fellow officer. The police department says it is investigating the incident and that the animal control officer was not available at the time. Sign the petition to demand the Chester police department apologize for inhumanely killing the two dogs.


Dear Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr.,

I am writing as a concerned citizen and animal rights activist to condemn the appalling action of Chester police officers in shooting two dogs dead in front of a high school. Your officers were called because the two dogs were fighting inside the enclosed space of a pickup truck. They were not a danger to the public, but bystanders were unable to separate them. When your officers arrived rather than waiting for the animal control officer, they unleashed a hail of bullets from their handgun and a shotgun. Both dogs were killed.

The officers involved acted in complete disregard of the safety of the public by opening fire on the pickup truck in front of a high school. They also acted in disregard of the animals with their inhumane killing. I ask that you investigate and apologize for the behavior of the officers. Animal control officers are for these kinds of situations, police officers should not be shooting people’s pets in the suburbs.

I hope you consider my thoughts.


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  1. Police officers are supposed to uphold justice rather than exhibiting atrocities towards innocent, defenseless animals in front of impressionable young citizens.

  2. Apologize?! This is unconscionable — it is cruel — it is mindless — it’s INSANE — and this is an example of actions of the police? — it’s downright criminal — putting these officers in jail, paying a hefty penalty — do whatever it takes so that this never happens again — whether or not they’re in front of a school, whether or not civilians are about — these actions by police officers are criminal, horrible, savage, unconscionable — this is no way to handle two dogs barking at one another — animal experts should’ve been called to the scene — it’s common sense. It’s shameful and embarrassing to boot that these police officers didn’t use common sense!

  3. Wheres this info coming from? says:

    I’m pretty confused by the description of what actually happened. Were the dogs together (from the same owner and knew each other), or did a random pit bull attack a smaller dog in his own territory/ truck. Either way, I’m sure the smaller dog was already killed by the time the cops came. Was the other dog a Lab (voted America’s favorite dog) or is Force Change using that attached Lab image to create emotion & smpathy? That is what I dislike about these ForceChange petition descriptions, overly vague and only three paragraphs. Also, I have seen a Pit kill a chiuahua at a public dog beach, as well as have had my father and his two shih tzus attacked by a Pit. The Pit took four tazer shots from a passing cop and didn’t flinch. If a Pit ever attacked my Pickels, I’m bringing out my shot gun no questions asked. I also read a FC story about a Government Dept. of Wildlife employee that was trapping and torturing wildlife. I contacted the US Dept of Wildlife and they had no record of the employee or event.

  4. Yank cops are the filth of the planet. l adore receiving delightful notification when one of these scumbag trailer trash dog murdering yank oinker pig cops has been killed.

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