Twitter: Stop Protecting TERFs and Encouraging Transphobia

Target: Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter

Goal: Stop protecting transphobic users who use hate speech to diminish trans people.

Twitter has a problem with defending transphobia. Many users are being suspended or banned for calling out people for blatant transphobia, a problem that shows no signs of going away. Every day, more users are either temporarily suspended or banned from the service all together for calling out users for their bigotry.

The only way this will change is if Twitter hears the voices of those demanding protection for trans people on Twitter. Tell CEO Jack Dorsey that transphobia should not be protected on his platform.


Dear Mr. Dorsey,

There is a big problem with the prevalence of transphobia on your platform. Instead of dealing with the hate speech coming from transphobic users, more often than not it seems like those calling out the bigotry are being suspended or banned instead. This needs to stop.

Just as any hatred toward people of color or gay and lesbian users is forbidden, it should also be the case that trans people can use the platform without fear of hate speech toward them going unchecked. Instead of punishing those who fight back against bigotry, it’s time to put a stop to the hate. Stop protecting transphobia on Twitter.


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Photo Credit: JD Lasica



  1. Brenda Dumont says:

    Maybe there is more here!!! Maybe the CEO is racist too!! That’s why they are being protected!!

  2. Robert Ortiz says:

    Twitter has a lot of problems. I would take a look at the executive leadership team and work your way down.

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