Trump: Stop Honoring Pro-Slavery Confederate Traitors

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Rename every military installation named after Confederate military leaders.

There are currently ten military bases in the United States named after Confederate leaders, despite the fact that the Confederacy was a treasonous secessionist group that waged war against the United States. President Donald Trump said that he “wouldn’t even consider” renaming the forts, claiming that it was anti-military to suggest otherwise.

Nothing is as anti-American as breaking off from the country and waging a treasonous war against the United States. Having our military bases named after Confederates makes no sense from a stance of patriotism. Doing so also holds on to America’s racist roots. Make no mistake: the Confederacy seceded from the United States to fight for the right to keep Black Americans in bondage. Sign our petition and demand that the United States military stops memorializing racist traitors.


Dear President Trump,

The Confederate States of America was a secessionist, treasonous group that not only left our country for the sake of preserving slavery, but fought a war against the United States that killed millions of Americans. The idea that the United States would allow our military forts to be named after treasonous commanders is absurd and blatantly anti-American, as well as racist.

You claim that you’re not racist, and that you don’t support racism. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and prove it: rename every military base named after a Confederate leader, or forget any claim to patriotism you’ve ever thought you had. Stop memorializing traitors.


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Photo Credit: Mathew Brady (photo) and GravisZro (red circle image)

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  1. Mary F Harrington says:

    OMG Matt Lamour If this is SO important to you…. Why didn’t you go after Obama for this kind of treason and racism activity?

  2. It’s called Southern heritage and we will bust your head wide open if we catch you screwing with our heritage. You act as if the damn yankees never had slaves or were racist…we’re headed for two hundred years ago and you’re still fighting the civil war? Get a life!

    • Poor triggered racist trumptard. Keep making threats.

    • Funny how statues of Hitler were removed in Germany. We need to do the same for the racists statues, flags, and any other hate symbols in the US. They could go into museums, where they belong.
      And speaking of hate…you got a lot, with wanting to ‘bust’ some heads ‘wide open’. It’s ‘screwing’ with you.

  3. tRump is on the same side. He is a racist and he’s Too Faced he overturned everything Obama did and he’s an evil destructive hateful jaded erratic piece of garbage.

    • Dori Bailey – I agree with you. Trump is on the same side. He is a racist and he’s Too Faced he overturned everything Obama did and the lies that come out of his vile and evil mouth. He’s an evil destructive hateful jaded erratic piece of garbage.

  4. Jose Espino says:

    So now is Trump’s fault that American history happened the way it did? In fact is trump fault that world history happened the way it did. In Miami FL the statue of Christopher Columbus was painted and symbols where drawn, including the communist sigh of the Hammer and Sickle right next to the BLM sign. Some people need to understand that world history cannot be change, it is past, cant change the past. Black will always be black and white will always be white, is the way God made people. The educated and sensible person knows this. The ignorant ant hateful are the ones being manipulated by enemies of America, freedom and democracy groups. The most influential and most destructive source of manipulation is that of one’s own kind and race. Back in slavery times, it was the black man who hunted black man and sold them to the white. History shows that many countries around the world were able to liberate themselves from outsiders regime prior to fall into oppression and hunger system like that of a Communism being led by one of their own people. Furthermore, if those groups destroying and vandalizing America’s history where to truly understand and respect equality and freedom they would understand that many white people are proud about their history and heritage and the same way you want your history respected, white people want theirs. How would you feel if in a future time a group of white people choose to use their amendments rights to march a peaceful protest about the vandalizing of historical statues by protesters and while protesting some decide to paint half white and add some symbol to the statue of Martin Luther King. I’m sure many people out there would not like that. Bottom line is: ” Your freedom stops where mine begins” From the beginning of time until the end of times there will always be inequality, rejection,preference, love and hate. These are genetically embedded human emotions, we all are sinners from the time we are conceived until the day we die. Only those that feed their soul’s with God’s truth and guidance would be able to truly be free and truly be able to escape being for ever slaves of their own sins. Be able to understand other’s rights, even if it means loosing some of our own. Preference is Godly and there is a difference between preference and discrimination. The biggest pandemic the world is currently experiencing is not the Covid-19 pandemic, it is the separation of man from God. Throughout the course of later years many have use America’s freedom and liberty of expression to remove God from our way of life. America has respected these enemies of the people’s rights and where a strong nation under God ones stood united now a nation without God stands divided. Please, educate yourselves, specially on the teachings of our Lord. Learn how to be individuals of worth, not only to one another but worthy mainly to God. Don’t let these evil manipulating forces, disguised as our own brothers continue to make a mock out of us and specially out of our loving God.

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