Don’t Protect Corporate Polluters Who Poisoned Air and Water

Target: William Barr, Attorney General of the United States

Goal: Ensure corporate penalties are paid in full for pollution offenses in major cities.

Reinforcing why government accountability is so vital, the watchdog group US Accountable recently uncovered yet another instance of the nation’s most toxic polluters getting a free pass. William Barr’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is apparently using the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to let multiple corporations out of paying tens of millions in fines they incurred for environmental destruction. These corporations, which had already escaped having to admit liability for their dangerous actions through a governmental agreement, were offered a “pause” in the one form of retribution that was enacted against them.

Prior to the current public health crisis, ten companies stood accused of pumping toxins like smog-causing compounds and coal ash into air and water supplies of major regions such as Chicago and Denver. These poisonous substances likely compounded complications from the very pandemic that was used as an excuse for giving the polluters leeway. More likely, the suspicious DOJ extensions arose less from a virus and more from the cozy political connections many of these companies had forged with the current administration. One corporation had even hosted a meet-and-greet between President Trump and potentially lucrative campaign donors in the fossil fuel industry.

These quid pro quos at the expense of the environment must stop. Sign this petition to demand the DOJ stop excusing and enabling critical environmental and public health threats.


Dear Attorney General Barr,

During an outbreak of a virus known for ravaging respiratory systems, the Department of Justice apparently believed protecting the very corporations that have diminished the public’s respiratory health for decades was a high priority. Why did nearly a dozen corporate offenders of environmental degradation receive an “extension” for multi-million-dollar fines they incurred while flouting the public trust and poisoning community air and water supplies? Did these polluters receive understanding and leniency because of the pandemic…or because of political favor?

Regardless of their campaign contributions or lobbying efforts, these dangers to public health need to be held accountable now more than ever. Stop serving corporations and their poisonous agendas and start doing your actual job—serving and protecting the public welfare.


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Photo Credit: Nenad Zivkovic

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