Stop Corruption of United States Police

Target: William Barr, Attorney General of the United States

Goal: Stop corrupt behavior of police across the U.S.

Police brutality is at a disturbing all-time high in the United States recently. George Floyd, Tony McDade, and countless others have been outright murdered by police officers in lieu of simple restraints, or in lieu of being taken in for questioning should anyone be suspected of a crime.

This is beyond unacceptable. People are losing trust in the police, an organization meant to protect and serve the public. The police are meant to be a shield to society, and instead are acting as a weapon to silence those who dare to speak out against such cruelty. While some officers have been disciplined and even removed from their positions, such cases are few and far between. At least one department is in danger of being de-funded, punishing any officers and authorities who can still be trusted.

We cannot allow a force meant to protect and serve to fall to corruption. Sign this petition to call for a stop to the corrupt behavior of police across the country.


Dear Attorney General Barr,

Incidents of police brutality and corruption have reached horrifically huge numbers over the past few weeks alone. George Floyd is just one of many victims of a corrupt system that has gone from a shield to protect the public to a weapon used to punish anyone who dares lash out against such cruelty.

This is not okay. You must put a stop to the widespread degeneration of the police force across the United States immediately. People are losing trust in this organization. You cannot let this happen. Without a competent law organization the country will rot, and we need to be able to trust the police. Put an end to this corruption and brutality immediately.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. DéLaCatholique PontificateAndrâePaulOne. says:

    Dear Cathedrale Of The King James Imperial Order In Lyon,France E.U.

    My Name Is Mr. Andre Paul Poisson

    And I Feel That Depew,Ny. Police Officers Are Very Nasty To Me Especially On Countless Occasions I Was Sexually Harassed By Ms. Latina Officer, Officer Greg Warner And Detective Kenneth Pikk All Because I Have A Well Reputation For Being Too Much Of A Hero, Too Catholic, Too Conservative Or Too Holy And/Or Sleeping With Beautiful Women Which On Countless Occasions My Life Was Threatened Just So Depew, Ny Police Officers Could Sleep With My Women Over My Cold Dead Rotting Corpse This Misbehavior Is High Treason, Blasphemy, Backstabbery, Braking And Entering, Rape, Assault With A Deadly Weapon, Attempted Murder, Disorderly Conduct And High Treason Or Else Insubordination.

    Please Sir You Will Investigate This Matter, Yes!?!


    Monsieur Andrae Paul One And Freemason(House Of Rothschild Parliament)

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