TikTok: Ban Content That Depicts Torture of Animals

Target: Kevin Mayer, CEO of TikTok

Goal: Ban content perpetuating animal cruelty and other crimes.

Popular social media app TikTok has taken a major hit due to controversial videos that appear to glorify violence against women. The latest backlash, centered in India, is far from the company’s only questionable incidents, however. The viral challenge videos posted on the app also perpetuate a dangerous culture of unchecked animal cruelty.

Two recent “challenges” have drawn particularly fierce criticism. The first, named #PutItInABun, called on users to tie their visibly distressed pets’ ears and post their results on the app. The #slappingchallenge took the abuse a step further, as images of frightened pets being slapped on the face and head as music played in the background populated the site. Users spent days engaged in these disgusting activities, all for the supposed honor of garnering as many “likes” as possible.

Critics frequently attack TikTok for poorly regulated content management. The company has obviously not taken these criticisms to heart as more controversies continue to unfold across the platform. Google even helped enable this lacking oversight by removing hundreds of negative user reviews from its app store.

Sign the petition below to demand this irresponsible company take ownership of its failures and implement widespread, comprehensive content management reforms.


Dear Mr. Mayer,

#slappingchallenge, #PutItInABun: countless images of uncomfortable, often terrified cats and dogs flooded TikTok for just the two aforementioned “challenges” alone. Before controversies involving simulated acid attacks, or sexual assaults, the world tried to warn your company about its rampant use as a vehicle for animal cruelty. How many more of these abuses are being posted daily for millions of views and likes?

Please start your leadership on the right ground and heed the concerns of many users about lacking content management. Take responsibility for the disturbing behavior and potential crimes carried under the TikTok name. Most importantly, make the changes needed to ensure your young audience can enjoy a safe, fun space free from the worst of human behavior.


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Photo Credit: TikTok

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    WHY don’t we just ABUSE, INJURE, MAIM & KILL ALL living species on the planet (including humans) – won’t that be entertaining & FUN?? PROBLEM: There won’t be anyone left to videotape the FUN & post it on social media!

    Pardon my extreme sarcasm, but some ‘humans’ tend to yield to their barbaric tendencies, JUST TO TREND ON SOCIAL MEDIA – anything for ATTENTION & POPULARITY, even if it’s obnoxious and amoral!!! SOLUTION: Don’t be so GULLIBLE, IGNORANT & NEEDY to require attention at ANY COST!!

    I predict many ‘social media’ platforms will be eliminated in the future. So, ‘TICK TOCK’, TikTok!!!

  2. Stop Animal Abuse Stop Animal Abuse says:


  3. Robin Abbott says:

    WTF! Shows the state of the world that anyone has to be TOLD not to show animal abuse. FFS! SIGNED!

  4. The more callouss and greedy sites like TikTok that there are then the more abuse and torture there is. TikTok can take the high road or the low road on this and I think if they don’t put a stop to this then they have taken the low road and are animal abusers, promote animal torture and abuse and are completely void of morals and should be held liable for abuse themselves as they would be promoting it. I will never use TikTok until this is changed.

    • patricia schwartzmann says:

      Unfortunately morality ceased to exist long ago in the USA

      • Patricia – So true – Unfortunately morality ceased to exist long ago in the USA.

        I believe that all animal torturers and animal murderers must be brought to Justice and put to death. This must be introduced into the Animal Protection Laws.
        If vile and evil TikTok don’t put a stop to this then they have taken the low road and are animal abusers, promote animal torture and abuse and are completely void of morals and should be held liable for abuse themselves as they are promoting this sadism and evilness.

        Down with vile and evil TikTok and stop and ban the monster bastards immediately.

  5. Unfortunately, in the world in which we live, money is what prevails and people do the unspeakable to get rich any which way – they do not think that the day they’ll die they will have to be accountable to God!

  6. Jackie Pflucker says:

    Let’s say that the person who created, owns or monitors TIK TOK has to be a pervert, sadistic, degenerate who I wouldn’t doubt could sell his own mother for money – so why do we want or need such despicable people in this world – could someone just give me a good reason?

  7. Dear Mr. Mayer:
    Unfortunately there are lots of sick people in this world that all they do is benefit from human misery?
    We rely on your good judgment to resolve this matter as soon as possible to avoid the suffering inflicted on the poor innocent animals by those miserable perverts scum of society who profit by tormenting and killing innocent creatures since their only concern is having ‘money’.
    Thank you!

  8. Sue Perreault says:

    What the ….?

  9. So tell me you incredible assholes…just what is funny about slapping a puppy? If I catch you I will hurt you and laugh about it…sick cowards!!

  10. Jose Espino says:

    Where are you hackers when the world needs you? Can’t someone just get in their network and trash their servers and whatever programs make TikTok Tick? Unfortunately we all and this petition just contributed to TikTok strategy by promoting their name. Good or bad publicity is still publicity and that’s what they are after. I had never herad of TikTok till now.

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