Trump: Stop Defaming Peaceful 75-Year-Old Man Assaulted by Police

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Stop spreading lies about the 75-year-old man who was reportedly shoved to the ground by police and left bleeding.

Donald Trump has made recent claims that the 75-year-old man who was shoved to the ground by police officers at a Buffalo protest could be “an antifa provocateur.” The man, Martin Gugino, is still being hospitalized for his injuries.

The video that was released of Gugino being shoved is but one of many examples of aggressive policing at protests. The Buffalo officers involved were charged with assault after Gugino violently struck the ground and bled from his head. Regardless, Trump claimed, without any evidence, that Gugino may have been attempting to infiltrate police scanners and exaggerated the force used by the police. He tweeted that the incident “could be a set up.”

This rampant dismissal of police brutality by the president must be stopped. Sign below to demand Trump stop spreading disinformation about the man who was violently shoved and left bleeding on the pavement by police.


Dear President Trump,

You are blatantly dismissing a violent act of police brutality against a 75-year-old long time peace activist. Police are supposed to protect the public, not put us in danger.

Spreading lies that Gugino was “an antifa provocateur” is merely your attempt to distract from the real problem, police brutality. This is disgusting. I demand that you stop spreading disinformation about the man who was violently shoved to the ground and instead start supporting a rhetoric that holds police accountable for harmful behavior.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    President Trump does NOT SPREAD LIES – he spreads TRUTH, which, unfortunately, a lot of people REJECT & DO NOT WANT TO HEAR!!!

    Will not be signing this one!!!

    • patricia schwartzmann says:

      He is the biggest liar in existence …

    • Gemma Roelofs says:

      please open your eyes and ears….and above all: your mind!!!!!!! He is constantly spreading lies where ever it suits him….

    • LOLTRUMPTARDS on here. Go join Evropa.Proud Boys. Who are on tape protected by all of Oregon police. Tape sent to FBI.Boogoloo Boys, etc.ALL POSING AS ANTIFA. You are a racist pos. Mow go join your fellow RIGHT WING TERRORISTS.

    • Adelida Hoffman says:

      This petition says the man was assaulted by the police. That is NOT true. He was trying to walk into them and got pushed away.
      Whether he was pushed too hard, or he tripped isn’t known.
      But to present a petition saying he was assaulted / viciously attacked is wrong.

      • Ann Hoffman says:


      • don’t be so obtuse. it IS known how he fell, the video doesn’t lie. unlike trump who can’t do anything but. seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

      • Hopefully you’re merely ingenuous here, though that does mean you’re easier to manipulate, sadly, like most Trumpers.

        Thing is, he walked up to them, not into them.
        It is known: like many others on video, he was deliberately pushed – violently – and fell. If there was no reason for it, or it was excessive – both are true – then it’s assault.
        He was seen to suffer a head injury and was left there without aid being summoned – ask a doctor what that implies.
        The petition DOES NOT say he was viciously attacked.
        Please, don’t be fooled and don’t be used.

    • then madam you’re as big of an idiot as Trump himself for christ’s sake. The man is 75-years old and could hardly walk by himself so how in the hell would you justify him being Antifa? Secondly, Trump is the biggest GD liar to be President in the history of the United States. What he doesn’t know he makes up lies about. You madam have to be deaf dumb and f-ing blind to support such a GD asshole.

      • Orna Zagiel says:


      • Jessica Powers says:

        I second that! Thank you.

      • Jaime Perez says:

        Agree with you 100%!

      • Dwayne – I fully agree with your comment.

        Trump is the biggest GD liar to be President in the history of the United States. What he doesn’t know he makes up lies about.

        Anyone that votes for this dumb arse Trump are deaf and dumb and f—ing blind. Trump is the destroyer of America
        and everything that the American people have fought so hard for.Especially the Wildlife that this Monster Trump has passed a Law for the vile and evil Hunters to hunt down,torture and murder the precious Wolves and their pups and the precious Bears and their cubs.
        Down with this vile and evil Monster Trump and his lowlife Hunting animal torturing murdering arsehole son Trump Jr.

      • Martin Gugino is a peaceful Catholic.NO EVIDENCE OF ANTIFA. On the other hand, FBI said RIGHT WING TERRORISTS posed as antifa. So far, 51 cases. Proud Boys. Boogoloo Boys. Evropa and others. Cop on tape in Oregon said his commander told him to tell Proud Boys to hide while they gas protesters.

    • Dean Clark says:

      He spreads brain damage… And you clearly caught it. Unlucky.

    • Linda Hilty-Tuttle, you must be deaf dumb and blind or stupid lady, Trunp is nothing but a GD liar. So either you condone his lies and bullshit or you’re as bad as he is

      • Yvette Lantz says:

        You go Dwayne and every one else. Trumptards love it also. One thing I’ve got to say ,these people that think he’s so great, have they heard him speak. The man doesn’t make sense, he talks in circles idiot

    • Ann Hoffman says:

      Trump’s lied since Day 1 of his presidency. Take your blinders off. Biggest inauguration crowd in history? He lies about even the most insignificant things. And now to smear the name of this man who’s been a peace advocate and who’s been backed by numerous individuals and organizations. Trump supporters are as bad as he is. Diabolical.

    • Patricia Dayton says:

      Please get your head out of your a$$. Trump is INCAPABLE of telling the truth.

    • Seriously???? If you can look at that footage and deny that peacefully protesting 75 year old man, who was exercising his first amendment rights, was violently shoved by police and as a result suffered serious injuries (which police did nothing to address), then I really have to ask, What the hell are you smoking and/ or injecting? You might want to lay off old donny boy’s bleach kool-aid for a while there as side effects can include a seriously warped perception of reality…

    • Raymond Stevens says:

      This is the type of deluded lowlife that votes for a psychopath like trump

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      What an idiot you are lol.

    • I feel so sad reading your message Linda Hilty-Tuttle.

      It’s like you are in a cult. You have been brain washed. What I find tragic is that these comments come from a woman. Have you not heard nor seen any of the videos where T is saying he can “grab. pussy” anytime he wants, etc?

      Trump is unwell. He is a text book narcissist. This isn’t my opinion but the diagnosis of many in the medical field. And, dear Linda, I hope that you have the opportunity to learn WHY you would defend a very sick man. I am not being facetious, nor am I patronizing you. I am sincere. The only kind of women that would defend a narcissist are women who have low self esteem.

      Re T: You do not have to believe me, read a REAL newspaper, source foreign journals — the BBC, for example. It has no invested interest in your American politics.

      Re the photo above – a peaceful man was shoved to the ground, cracked his head open and was bleeding from his skull yet police just walked on by, including the one that was going to help but was quickly dissuaded from doing so.

      Would you walk by an innocent person who was shoved, fell and cracked their skull open? What if that was someone you knew? Still okay with that because Trump blah, blah, blah???

      I hope not. But if your answer hasn’t changed, well, I hope you choose to take an honest look at yourself to understand why you would defend a very sick person who doesn’t espouse the values of humanity at it’s best but conveys some of the worst traits a person can have. Is he Hitler? No. Is he evil? No. But, like all narcissists, he lacks empathy. That means that if you were that person who cracked their head open on the sidewalk because you were shoved,,,well, he’d say you deserved it.

    • p.s. – Even more tragic than your defending Trump is that, as I explained, he’s a classic/text book narcissist, and there are many out there. So what I don’t know is why you defend a sick man like him? Do you share his view? If so, you’re either also a narcissist or you have extremely low self esteem or you’re just plain stupid. Your message doesn’t scream red-neck-trailer-park but, hey, what do I know?

    • Karen Redd says:

      ME EITHER!!!!! Very happy to see this!!

    • The only thing Trump spreads are the legs of a porno actor and a Playboy Playmate. All while married.

    • What planet do you live on ?

  2. Marie Wakefield says:

    17000 lies and more. Trump biggest liar in US history.

  3. Rita McNany says:

    The President’s supporters sadly believe everything he says! Many older people suffer from chronic pain and would fall hard if shoved. Also this man is not a stunt man! He suffered a trauma to the head and is hospitalized! Learn to be open minded. Think for yourself. Know the facts. Don’t believe everything you are told!

  4. He literally said this. Literally. About an old man who has cancer.

    • Go and read story where racist Faux News digitally remastered an area where peaceful protesters did no damage.ALL BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA.

    • Martin Gugino is a peaceful Catholic.NO EVIDENCE OF ANTIFA. On the other hand, FBI said RIGHT WING TERRORISTS posed as antifa. So far, 51 cases. Proud Boys. Boogoloo Boys. Evropa and others. Cop on tape in Oregon said his commander told him to tell Proud Boys to hide while they gas protesters.

  5. ForceChange has become inundated with liberal TDS sufferers. This petition is BS. It’s been proven this man is a PROFESSIONAL AGITATOR. Try researching before wasting time and focus on REAL ISSUES. How about the RIOTING you morons. IM NOT SIGNING ANYTHING AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT. EVER.

  6. Go and read story where racist Faux News digitally remastered an area where peaceful protesters did no damage.ALL BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA.

  7. Janet Garraghan says:

    Of course Trump is an utter liar, regardless of who Martin Gugino is, and those who can’t see it are blind fools as it’s been proven many times over. Trump is a bigot and a selfish, greedy ‘me me me’ who hasn’t an ounce of compassion for anyone other than himself. Why he is President is beyond me and many others across the world. I just don’t get how so many Americans stand by him. He is destructive for the USA, he is going to ruin you and so many of you just can’t see it. He’s making so many bad decisions and says some ridiculously idiotic things. The guy’s a nutcase. It’s frustrating and soul destroying to watch. I just hope to God he gets voted out this time.

  8. # RECORD REPUBLICANS LEAVE PARTY.I know people who are voting Democrat for first time. Bunker bone spurs is a pos.

  9. Trump is a moron and the biggest liar in presidents history. He is a lousy president . He should go back to reality television cause thats all he is good for.

    • Manuela Lopez says:

      What the f…., where do you live??? You must be one of this braindeads that thinks the earth is flat. The head always above the clouds….stupid

  10. To the orange moron followers out there. The elderly man was bleeding so I guess you all think the blood was fake also.
    Trump is nothing but a lying, narcissistic sociopath!

  11. Raymond Stevens says:

    If we are lucky trump will catch the norovirus.

  12. Manuela Lopez says:

    And here we are again. All the idiot democrats, the brain amputees believe everything that this lying, corrupt media is saying. You’ll delirious

  13. DEBRA DAVIS says:

    Trump needs to stop lying on people. He has lied and misinterpreted things told to him. GET IT STRAIGHT!!!Before u put it out there.

  14. Get rid of this pathetic, vile cretin Trump.He has ruined the USA.

  15. Patricia Wicker says:

    Trump Is A LIAR!!~~!

  16. Jose Espino says:

    Not signing this piece of shit petition. It is probably a democrats work of art and a poor example of mass agitation. People that believe everything they hear are food for mass agitating groups tying their best to tarnish Trump and the American way, taking advantage of the current pandemic issue, the riots and of course taking advantage of narrow minded idiots that let themselves be driven like a herd of cows. I suggest you all idiots try to make the same public remarks about a president in a communist country and see what happens to your current free, well fed American ass.

  17. Trump is the worst most disgusting president ever!! Spreading lies, hate, racism, sexism and so much more he is a danger to his country and must be removed!! Spreading lies about this poor man who’s his age is disgusting and unpresidential!

  18. Maria Bertrand says:

    I hope to God that is not your father or grandfather. How would you like it if he was? Police are supposed to PROTECT…
    most of them just walked by and one officer seemed like he wanted to hit him but was held back by another officer it appeared. In what world is it ok to just walk by? Perhaps at first the gentlemen’s intentions were misinterpreted but even so, he had no weapon and they were IN NO HARM!

    If you vote Trump you should get your head examined.

  19. Linda Cummings says:

    trump the chump, you are such a total fucking moron. How do you even stand yourself? I know, I am a nasty girl for saying so, lol

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