Justice for Elephants Slaughtered While Seeking Water to Drink

Target: Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Goal: Stop poacher killings that have already led to deaths of half a dozen elephants.

Six elephants from an Ethiopian wildlife refuge were massacred within just one day. This barbaric onslaught seemingly refutes wildlife authorities’ assertions that no organized poaching exists inside the country. If this slaughter continues, Ethiopia could lose some of its most important wildlife forever.

During the past few decades, this country has seen its elephant population slashed by a stunning 75 percent, largely due to poaching.  The six fallen elephants in the latest attack apparently ventured slightly outside their home in Mago National Park to get water. The butchers who killed them removed all their tusks. These poor animals paid for their lives because they were thirsty. Since resources are currently being diverted away from park oversight, poachers take full advantage and will likely commit more atrocities if they are not stopped.

Sign this petition to urge Ethiopia’s government to reprioritize the protection of its most storied and beloved wildlife.


Dear Prime Minister Ahmed,

Botswana suffered severe backlash when it lifted a ban on hunting elephants. Across Africa, many countries have been confronted with the eradication of these majestic animals from droughts and, more prominently, from merciless hunting and poaching. Please do not let Ethiopia become the latest enabler of this endangerment that could too quickly take a destructive turn towards extinction.

Recently, six elephants fell victim to a mass killing near Mago National Park. The butchers who slaughtered these animals for their tusks will likely go on to continue the disgusting practices that have already wiped out 75 percent of Ethiopia’s elephant population ….unless you stop them. The period of government transition has passed, the lacking oversight brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is easing, and the excuses are gone.

Give authorities the aid and resources they need to identify and apprehend these killers and all poachers with reckless disregard for the law. Increase security that can safeguard the sanctuaries these wildlife call home. Please do everything in your power to protect Ethiopia’s natural wonders from exploitation and deadly greed.


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Photo Credit: Vaughan Leiberum


  1. Lisa Johnson-Sharp says:

    Seriously people get into the 21st century, no need to get their ivory. It is not a medicine that heals anything. These poachers ate garbage and the country must protect these elephants no matter what!

    • I agree with you ‘down with the poachers’ and let all animals live peacefully where God placed them when He created all living creatures! ]

    • Martha Mcclain says:

      Yes EXACTLY! That place was a trap for those poor elephants. They really need to get with the times and figure out some other form of entertainment or money or whatever reason those monsters decided to massacre them.

  2. Why aren’t the rangers or anyone protecting the elephants from being callously MURDERED? It is totally barbaric INHUMANE unacceptable vile and unconscionable to MURDER the elephants who are in desperate need of water. There is already 75% of majestic elephants slaughtered. PLEASE help them IMMEDIATELY. They deserve to live freely without the threat of money hungry despicable low life poachers killimg them for theur ivory. PLEASE help to protect them in their own natural environment from today onwards. The sadistic poachers must be captured and jailed for 20 plus years for cruelly inhumanely butchering one of God’s precious intelligent and majestic creatures.

  3. This is a wildlife sanctuary! More security is needed and harsher punishments, before these majestic animals are gone forever!

  4. Slaughter the humans that shot the elephants!!

  5. jiggabongo says:

    shoot these dirty mother fucking niggers on sight!

  6. Abiy Ahmed – Please protect the elephants – and all wildlife – living in your country. They will not survive without it…

  7. The only good hunter is a dead one! Hunt the hunters! An eye for an eye.

  8. This is no sanctuary if just anyone can come in and kill the animals. There needs to be consequences and protection for the animals. Why would anyone get pleasure from killing an elephant? The people running these places need to WAKE UP and make it so that this doesn’t ever ever happen again. The people involved need serious punishment.

  9. These despicable motherfuckers should be tied together and roasted alive. Why is this still happening in this world? Who are the assholes who buy these from them? Shoot them, too. I am furious.

  10. Joanne Rogers says:

    I am saddened to hear this slaughter is still happening to these magnificent creatures that are becoming instinct.

  11. I couldn’t agree more!

  12. Jaime Perez says:

    Those poor elephants don’t stand a chance against these rotten, vile poachers! Poachers should be shot on site, no questions asked.

  13. Mary F Harrington says:

    People that take advantage of killing animals in this sanctuary while drinking water are the biggest cowards known to man And any government that doesn’t stop it, should be arrested along with the rest of the criminals.

  14. Agree all comments catch and kill this fucker to death

  15. Anne Steph says:

    Very, very poorly run Sanctuary. Disgraceful.

  16. How can this be called a sanctuary! Where is the security to protect these animals. This is absolutely horrible and someone needs to answer for leaving them at the mercy of the POS poachers.

  17. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia

    These vile and evil lowlife monster bastard Poachers from hell must be huntered down and killed. The Sanctuary should and must have protection for all the precious Wildlife. There is no excuse!!!! Those beautiful precious Elephants drinking water in the Sanctuary where they are suppose to be safe and the vile and evil lowlife Poachers tortured and killed them.
    All the vile and evil Poachers, the vile and evil Trophy Hunters and all Hunters must be hunted down and killed before they cause the extinction of all the precious Wildlife.Kill them all slowly.
    RIP the precious and beautiful Elephants whose precious lives were taken by the Poacher monsters from hell.
    And the vile and evil Chinese are monsters because they are responsible for the deaths of the precious Wildlife for their fake medicinal claims and all their fake shit.
    And down with vile and evil animal torturing murdering China.

  18. Cull all these dirty human scum, EVIL BASTARDS!!!!!
    R.I.P All Animals xxx

  19. ELEPHANTS are absolutely majestic and the JEWEL of our PLANET! We live in THEIR world and therefore we need to respect this fact. It’s horrible how humans think that they are the only ones who matter on the Earth and that we Own the whole planet. HUMANS DON’T OWN the planet. If anything, we should be the protectors of ALL creatures that live here.
    PLEASE, find this LOWLIFE SUBHUMAN TRASH and prosecute them to the full extent of the law! POACHERS are DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC MONSTERS and should get the HARSHEST PUNISHMENT possible. CRIMINAL DEVILS WHO SHOULD BE WIPED OFF THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH. SHAME!!  SHAME!!  SHAME on these sickening poachers and criminal scumbags!!!

  20. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Anyone involved in the killing of these majestic creatures should pay dearly. What a shame it is to kill animals for their body parts. Senseless killing.

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