Protect the Lives of Nebraska’s Meatpacking Workers

Target: Pete Ricketts, Governor, Nebraska

Goal: Enforce rules and regulations that would protect meatpacking workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely deadly for America’s meatpacking workers. Their close quarters and owners’ corporate greed has caused the novel coronavirus to spread like wildfire across these plants. Demand that these essential workers be afforded the protections they deserve.

CDC guidelines are not being followed, with workers crammed fewer than 6-feet apart at assembly lines. There are very few in-person inspections by the USDA, meaning corporate owners can get away with flagrant violations and little to no temperature checks, masks, or other PPE. Meanwhile, a lack of sick pay has prompted many workers to come to plants even when ill in order to maintain their jobs.

In Nebraska, over 3,000 meatpacking workers have tested positive for COVID-19. Now, hundreds more are demanding sick leave, PPE, and basic workers’ rights. Sign the petition to demand that these essential workers be given the rights and protections they deserve.


Dear Governor Ricketts,

Over 3,000 meatpacking workers have been infected with COVID-19. The virus has spread rapidly among these essential workers due to close quarters, little to no PPE, and no sick leave. Workers who have tried to speak out have been fired.

If these individuals are deemed “essential,” they should be granted “essential” human rights, like healthcare, increased pay, sick leave, and protective equipment. Their freedom of speech should be protected and their health should be top priority. I demand that you protect your state’s essential workers in the meatpacking industry.


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Photo Credit: US Air Force/Larissa Greatwood

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  1. Slaughtering innocent animals for human taste buds.

  2. nancy zebracki says:

    I was happy in a way hoping meat packing plants would close
    but i hear people are buying big slabs of meat directly from farmers
    too gross for me
    tyson foods has a commercial all about ‘family’ but they slaughter so many animals
    so i feel they’re 2 faced

  3. I will not sign this petition. These people are complicit with the evils that exist on a daily basis in this industry. These workers have DONE NOTHING to change this cruelty. How someone could work in such an industry speaks volumes to me about the person, I have no sympathy for them, NONE.

  4. A better solution: turn the meat-packing plants into animal sanctuaries, or have them be turned into those companies that work on meat alternatives, and retrain the staff there to work at these plants.

  5. -Lisa -Finnigan says:

    While I sympathyze with these workers and their loved ones, the Earth is rebelling against our exploitation of animals. Human beings do not need to eat meat to be healthy. There are lots of alternatives for us; we are not obligate carnivores.

  6. Jose Espino says:

    Is an experience of how an animal on it’s way to be slaughtered feels.

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