Stop Threatening Protesters With Violent Military Force

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Don’t use violent military force as a way to control protests regarding the death of George Floyd and instead address the root causes of national unrest.

President Trump is threatening to invoke the U.S. military as a way to control nationwide protests regarding the brutal death of George Floyd, systematic racism and police brutality. He ordered governors and mayors to establish “an overwhelming law enforcement presence”, then denouncing those that have not invoked the National Guard as “weak.”

Thousands of peaceful protesters across the country have been met with tear gas and rubber bullets. In one recent incident, riot police cleared a crowd of peaceful protesters with tear gas and flash grenades so that President Trump could take a photo in front of the nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church. Upon denouncing the protests as “domestic acts of terror” and demanding governors to “dominate” with military force, the president has made little mention of the actual root causes of the nationwide unrest.

Use of military force on protesters will only perpetuate American’s growing outrage toward police brutality, violence and government control. Sign below to demand President Trump stop threatening protesters with violent military force and instead work to address the root causes of the unrest.


Dear President Trump,

Threatening to invoke military force on Americans who are rightfully protesting extreme and violent injustice in this country does nothing to address the root causes of this crisis.

Instead of perpetuating violence, you should be calling for widespread police reform and justice for black Americans. I demand that you stop threatening protesters with military force and instead address the root causes of nationwide unrest and injustice.


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