Protect Endangered Species from Logging Industry

Target:  Ted Arnott, Speaker, Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Goal: Don’t exempt the logging industry from endangered species rules and regulations.

Hundreds of endangered species may soon struggle to survive if the government of Ontario has its way. Ontario has proposed extending an exemption of the Endangered Species Act to the logging and forestry industry. This means that the logging industry will not have to follow the rules and regulations established by the Endangered Species Act. No industry or corporation should be exempt from its duty to protect the planet. Demand a change.

The purpose of the exemption, says the government, is to “avoid additional regulatory burden and economic strain on the forestry sector.” As one of the leading causes of deforestation, the logging industry is at no risk of extinction. However, the endangered mammals like the barn owl, the badger, and the wolf are. Logging not only fragments the animals’ habitat, but it makes reproduction very difficult. If logging continues uninterrupted, their populations will never have the ability to recover.

As one of the largest contributors to deforestation and habitat loss, the logging industry should not be exempt from the Endangered Species Act. Sign the petition to demand that the government of Ontario rescind its proposed legislation.


Dear Speaker Arnott,

Logging remains one of the leading drivers of deforestation across the planet. Canada has some of the richest, and most at-risk, forests in the world. Should logging be left unchecked, this could spell devastation for the country, its citizens, and its hundreds of endangered species. Caribou, barn owls, wolves, and more would all face extinction.

The logging industry and other corporations across the nation should not be exempt from their duties to the planet. The Endangered Species Act is intended to help recover and rebuild endangered populations. If habitats are continued to be cleared, this will never happen. If exemptions are continuously granted, where will it end? I ask that you rescind your proposed legislation and hold all industries and corporations accountable.


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Photo Credit: Walter Baxter

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  1. This must stop!! Our environment and animal are more important than tree logging!! We need to take action and protect out forest. This must stop now!!!

  2. Carolyn A Taylor says:

    Protect these wonderful species of worthy animals, NOW!!!

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