Stop Endangering Horseshoe Crabs With Pharmaceutical Testing

Target: Ronald T. Piervincenzi, CEO of United States Pharmacopeia

Goal: Urge big pharmaceuticals to stop using horseshoe crab blood for testing products.

The horseshoe crab population is now in danger due to its frequent use in drug testing. Horseshoe crab blood is rich in copper, clotting easily in the presence of contamination; this has made it a popular choice for testing shots and infusions for years. US Pharmacopeia has refused to make the switch from using the species’ blood, turning down a Swiss company’s request to use a synthetic substance instead.

Animal testing is unethical and cruel, having been recognized as such by society for decades. While many companies have phased out this practice over time, big pharma is still relying on it, and their refusal to stop could destroy an entire species. Aquatic wildlife is in too much danger already due to varying factors, and horseshoe crabs are just one of many vital species we cannot afford to lose.

Big pharma cannot continue their unethical reliance on crab blood to test for contamination. Sign this petition to demand USP change their decision and switch to a synthetic substance immediately.


Dear Mr. Piervincenzi,

Your company’s continued use of horseshoe crab blood to test shots and infusions is unethical and cannot continue. The crabs used for this purpose die quickly after they are bled for the tests, and the population is facing endangerment. Your refusal of a Swiss company’s offer of a synthetic substance was foolish, as it could have just as easily filled the needs crab blood does.

Animal testing is beyond cruel. It treats living creatures like objects, puts species in danger of extinction. Many companies are phasing it out, but big pharma is slow to follow, and this cannot continue. You must stop using horseshoe crab blood for testing your products immediately and switch to a synthetic.


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Photo Credit: Breese Greg

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  1. Gloria Navan says:

    Is there any creature on the earth humans do not abuse … I’ve seen pictures
    of this. It’s really sad.

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