Trump: Stop the Cyber-Bullying Twitter Tirades

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Do not use social media to issue abusive threats and make slanderous allegations.

President Donald Trump’s belittling, slanderous, and outright dangerous cyber-bullying has reached new lows that not even his staunchest political backers can condone. While the nation he leads suffers through a pandemic, the president has busied himself on Twitter in recent weeks accusing TV news anchor Joe Scarborough of murder. Trump’s obsessive peddling of a conspiracy theory implicating Scarborough in the death of one of his employees years ago upset the deceased woman’s husband so deeply that he wrote a letter to Twitter’s CEO begging intervention. Through his heartless actions, Trump is sullying a dead woman’s memory to settle a political grudge. This disgusting behavior must stop.

The latest disturbing incident is hardly the first time the president has acted like a schoolyard bully on social media. What began as seemingly harmless nicknames has evolved into dangerous propaganda. The incident with Scarborough starkly mirrors prior instances when then-candidate Trump implied presidential contender Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of President John Kennedy.

More recently, the president seemingly stoked the flames of a volatile case in Minneapolis involving alleged deadly police brutality by calling some protesters “thugs” and threatening to send military troops into the streets. Trump’s Twitter message ended “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” which prompted Twitter to flag the post for endorsing violence. This flagging marked the second time in days Twitter had to put disclaimers on the president’s posts. In response, Trump has attempted to abuse his executive power to threaten and bully Twitter on its own platform.

Sign this petition to demand the president stop using his leadership position as a bully pulpit to bully the citizens he is supposed to serve.


Dear President Trump,

You are all about deregulation except when you want to put a stranglehold on privately owned companies with whom you disagree. You rage about stopping slander and libel, save for when you want to accuse media personalities and political rivals of murder. And you love to cast yourself as the bullied and persecuted political martyr who has been treated worse than just about anybody in history.

Mr. President, take a hard look in the mirror. People are dying in hospitals. Americans are in the streets crying about injustice and longstanding inequality. Stop threatening these citizens. Stop hurling unfounded accusations. Stop abusing your power to force companies under your thumb. Stop the divisive, hateful, and seemingly unending rhetoric on social media.

Just stop. Start acting like the leader of the free world.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gag Skidmore

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