Justice For Black Transgender Man Killed By Police

Target: Lawrence Revell, Chief of the Tallahassee Police

Goal: Punish police officer who reportedly shot a transgender man of color to death.

Florida resident Tony McDade, a transgender man of color, was shot to death by the police. Allegedly, McDade had stabbed someone in anger over the recent murder of another black man by law enforcement, leading the police to decide that his death was the only proper resolution.

This is not acceptable. Regardless of McDade’s alleged crime, murdering him was not the answer. Over the past decade, far too many black men have been killed by police officers when simply subduing them and taking them in for questioning would have sufficed. Worse, this is a double-edged crime of prejudice, as McDade is the 11th transgender person to be shot to death in 2020 so far.

The officer who shot McDade has been placed on administrative leave, but this is not enough. He must be taken to trial and found guilty of his alleged crime of racism and transphobia. Sign this petition to justice for Tony McDade.


Dear Chief Revell,

An officer in your service recently shot a transgender man of color to death and was simply placed on administrative leave as punishment. This is not enough, however. Reports state that Tony McDade did commit a crime, but that is no excuse for killing him without a fair trial. This country believes in due process, in which criminals are taken to trial for their actions rather than simply put to death.

The fact that McDade is transgender and a black man makes this much worse. Police have killed too many black men over the past decade, and McDade is the 11th transgender casualty of this past year. There is simply no excuse to put any human being to death for a crime before taking them to trial, and even less excuse to let this happen to a transgender man of color. You must see that the officer who allegedly killed this man is punished far more severely for his actions.


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Photo Credit: Alec Perkins

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