Justice for Black Reporter Wrongfully Arrested On Air

Target: Medaria Arradondo, Minneapolis Chief of Police

Goal: Apologize to black CNN reporter arrested while covering the George Floyd protests and reprimand police officers that committed this racist act.

A black CNN reporter, Omar Jiminez, was arrested live on television while covering the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Another CNN correspondent, who is white, was reporting a block away from Jiminez, and claimed that the police were “polite” when they approached him.

About half a dozen police surrounded Jiminez without reason and led him and three of his crew members away in handcuffs. Jiminez states he explained that they were members of the press, saying “We can move back to where you like. We’re getting out of your way,” as he was being arrested.

Many believe this was yet another act of systematic racism. While Minnesota’s governor, Tim Waltz, apologized to CNN for the incident, Jiminez deserves greater justice. Sign below to demand Minneapolis’ Chief of Police apologize to Jiminez and punish the police officers that arrested him.


Dear Mr. Arradondo,

Your police officers committed yet another act of systematic racism by arresting a black reporter that was working a block away from a white reporter who claimed the police were “polite” to him.

The police cannot continue to exacerbate racism in this country. I demand that you apologize to Omar Jiminez and CNN, in addition to punishing the officers that arrested Jiminez and perhaps providing them with more training.


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