Puppy Reportedly Killed for Chewing Xbox Headset Deserves Justice

Target: Joshua A. Racki, County Attorney for Cascade County, Montana

Goal: Punish the man who allegedly killed one puppy and threw another down stairs because they chewed his Xbox headset.

A puppy was reportedly beaten to death as punishment for chewing an Xbox headset. The suspect claimed that he felt awful and didn’t mean to hurt the dog. However, another puppy in the household reportedly suffered a broken leg under suspicious circumstances around the same time. Demand that this alleged abuser be brought to justice.

“Better get home, your dog isn’t breathing. Probably choked on my headphone cord.” This statement, allegedly said by Austin Corey Pierson to Sadie’s owner, tells the horrific story of a puppy that died far too soon. The 6- or 7-month-old Labrador/pit bull was reportedly brought to a Great Falls veterinarian with blood pouring from her nose and ears. Lifesaving efforts were performed, but Sadie could not be revived. Around the same time, a 5- or 6-month-old shepherd/aussie that also resided in the home reportedly suffered a broken leg after a fall down the stairs.

Pierson has been charged with two counts of aggravated animal cruelty and he has been released on bond. Sign below and demand that he receive the maximum penalty possible, if convicted, for the safety of all animals.


Dear County Attorney Racki,

Kicked in the ribs, hit over the head, thrown down the stairs: this was reportedly the fate of two puppies after they innocently chewed up an Xbox headset. Sadie, a 6- or 7-month-old Labrador/pit bull, reportedly had blood coming from her nose and ears when she was brought into a veterinarian for treatment. Though lifesaving measures were taken, she did not survive. The second puppy, a 5-6 month old shepherd/aussie, apparently suffered a broken leg.

Both puppies reportedly met the wrath of Austin Corey Pierson, a man who seemingly sent their owner repeated threats to their welfare. He has since been charged with two counts of aggravated animal cruelty and released.

Malicious animal cruelty must be met with the harshest of punishments in order to maintain the safety of all animals. I demand that you seek justice for these innocent puppies.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: furbymama

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  1. Shirley Lemieux says:

    If this killer punk spent more time reading and educating himself about puppies instead of playing with his xbox, then he would have learned that puppies chew things. It is so tragic that young puppies have to lose their lives or limbs at the hands of some irresponsible punk that responds to issues with violent attacks on the victims.

  2. Another POS ignorant, brain dead “useless eater” moron. To think the beautiful earth and it’s wonderful assorted life is being trashed to support millions, if not billions, of such scummy anthropoids.

  3. Fry this piece of shit!

  4. Judy A Canon says:

    Oh hell no! Austin Corey Pierson must be punished to the full extent of the law! Since throwing him down the stairs would be considered cruel and unusual punishment, he must be jailed and then his sins professed to the animal lovers whom he will share shelter. And just like Sadie, he will find his punishment will fit the crime. Then Karma will lead him straight to hell to finish his eternity with all the other abusers. Fitting. Prepare Austin Corey Pierson! RIP SADIE.

  5. My heart breaks for the poor, sweet Puppy Sadie — this IDIOT-Mr. Austin Pierson is a PSYCHO and belongs OFF the streets — he’s a danger to us all — hew has NO CONTROL over his actions — he’s INSANE and HATEFUL — LOCK HIM UP — throw away the key.

  6. Eva Langston says:

    Please take crimes against animals seriously. No innocent living being deserves abuse and cruelty. This was a puppy, so basically a baby. Clean your junk up, so the puppy can’t get it. Your fault for leaving your stuff, but the puppy gets murdered. Justice for the puppy and harshest punishment for the criminal!

  7. If this were a toddler that damaged the X-box, this lack of impulse, rage control, cretin would have probably beaten the toddler too. If that were the case here, this human defect would most assuredly be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and sent to prison. These puppies are essentially “toddlers”, that were just doing what puppies do, playing and following an instinct to chew. That’s what puppies do, just as human toddlers spill things, break things, etc. This man must pay for killing two innocent, no less innocent than a human toddler now, puppies. Humans can’t be allowed to get away with killing innocents, we are to be the protectors of those more vulnerable than us. Prosecute this man to the fullest extent of the law, and that doesn’t mean a slap on the wrist and a fine. This is cold blooded murder with intent. This will not stand in America anymore.

  8. Raymond Stevens says:

    This asshole deserves to be beat to death with his xbox console.

  9. Nena Miller says:

    Oh my God, another piece of shit infecting our world. A life for a headset, really? What a sociopathic loser. Then he obviously threw the other dog down the stairs.

  10. the devil must get you – you bastard

    right now

  11. I would love to shove the xbox headset up his ass or down his throat.
    This guy needs to learn a hard lesson. Lock him up and let his cellmates have at him!

  12. EVA CANTU says:


  13. Rose Coffey says:

    This jerk belongs in prison.

  14. Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

    First thing that should happen to a scum bag of this magnitude is an eye for an eye. Do to him exactly what he did to these precious pups!! Then, and only then IF he lives through that, charge him with the heaviest of charges and the harshest penalties and fines, and although we’d honestly rather see scum like this be removed off the face of the earth, the latter at minimum would have to be met, and major time in a harsh prison before justice is truly served!!!

  15. Joshua – Please do the job you were hired to do and prosecute Austin Corey Pierson to the fullest extent allowed under Montana law. It is common knowledge that puppies chew everything they can get their paws on. If this asshole was so concerned about his XBox, he should have put it in a place where the puppies could not reach it. This asshole deserves to spend some time behind bars. This is murder in the first! Please show the world that Cascade County WILL NOT TOLERATE animal abuse and murder. Please!

  16. Mark Wright says:

    Motherfucking cunts. Lynch the assholes.

  17. Adam Hartley says:

    A waste of fucking skin. I hope this cunt dies of COVID.

  18. What a useless POS! These poor puppies did not deserve this cruel treatment. He deserves to be tormented. Only a sick creep could do anything so awful! Rot in hell useless asshole!!

  19. Unacceptable disgusting pos .

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