Fund Mexico’s Failing Health System During Pandemic

Target: Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico

Goal: Provide funding for hospitals struggling to keep patients alive during coronavirus due to lack of equipment and proper care.

Mexico’s broken health system is responsible for killing many people due to lack of equipment and negligence. The pandemic has only made matters worse, sickening over 11,000 health workers who were never given the proper resources to protect themselves from the virus.

The Mexican government spends less on health care than most countries in the western hemisphere, according to the World Bank. Despite the spread of Covid-19, the president announced spending cuts, even after acknowledging Mexico had around 200,000 fewer health care workers than needed. This lack of funding has resulted in a shortage of equipment and proper care; doctors and nurses have reported patients dying not directly from the virus, but from neglect or mistakes that could have been prevented.

Lack of funding in Mexico’s healthcare system is causing thousands of preventable deaths, and the situation is only worsening given the coronavirus crisis. Sign below to demand President López Obrador provide essential funding to Mexico’s health system in order to save thousands of lives.


Dear President López Obrador,

Thousands of Mexican citizens are dying preventable deaths due to underfunding in the health system. Hospitals report lack of basic equipment, such as gloves, masks and heart monitors.

How are doctors and nurses supposed to address the coronavirus crisis when they don’t even have the necessary resources to protect themselves? I demand that you immediately provide funding to Mexico’s healthcare system in order to save thousands of lives.


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